Russia On Indian Students Stuck In Ukraine: ‘Ready To Evacuate…’

During the Ukraine conflict, a Russian representative informed the United Nations Security Council late Friday night that Russia is doing all possible to remove foreigners from Ukraine. Whereas the Kremlin has been charged with war crimes, Russia's Permanent Secretary to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, announced on Friday that the country is facilitating civil migration from the Belgorod district and that buses have indeed been waiting for students in India as well as other foreign nationals.

Nebenzia informed the UN Security Council Chamber (UNSC) that in the Belgorod district of Russia, one hundred and thirty (130) vehicles have indeed been waiting from 6 in the morning today at the border sites Sudja and Nekhoteevka to transport students of India as well as other foreign people to Kharkiv and Sumy, despite growing fears about their safety. The checkpoints are outfitted with temporary sleeping quarters, rest areas, and hot food. There are also mobile health care stations with medicines on hand. Everyone who has been evacuated would be brought to Belgorod and then flown back to their country.

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Students from India have made video requests for peaceful evacuation from Ukraine, which have gone viral on social networking sites or video sharing companies like Facebook etc. In the recent week, Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India has attended many high-level talks on the issue and talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy about security concerns.

As per the authorities, upwards of eighteen thousand (18,000) Indians have come back to the nation since the Kremlin launched its full-scale assault last week. Special flights are being organised from Ukraine's neighbouring nations as part of alternate routes devised after the country's airspace was restricted due to the conflict.

Kyiv has also been accused by the Kremlin of keeping foreigners prisoner. The ambassador reiterated in his remarks that terrorists do not let citizens leave cities. This affects not only Ukrain citizens but also foreign nationals. The amount of foreign foreigners detained by Ukrainian nationals is startling. Kharkiv has three thousand one hundred eighty-nine (3189) Indian nationals, up to two thousand seven hundred (2700) Vietnamese nationals, and two hundred two (202) Chinese nationals. Sumy five hundred seventy-six (576) Indian nationals, one hundred one (101) Ghanaian nationals, and one hundred twenty-one (121) Chinese nationals. Chernihiv has nine (9) Indonesian nationals.

Nationalists in Kharkiv opened fire on a gang of Chinese individuals attempting to enter Russian territory on their own. Two of them sustained injuries.

The foreign ministry, on the other hand, refuted the accusations earlier this week, saying it had not come across one of these instances of hostage situations.

Despite international pressure, Putin the president of Russia, proclaimed a demilitarisation and denazification effort in Ukraine last week, surprising the globe.

Protests sprang out all across the world in response to the conflict, and international sanctions were imposed as a result. The two parties have been unable to achieve an agreement despite two rounds of ceasefire discussions.