Russia-Ukraine Crisis: These Nations Are Sending Defence Supplies To Ukraine

As Germany and the United States pledged military assistance to Ukraine on Saturday, a growing number of countries are stepping forward to assist the war-torn country with defence equipment as the Russian invasion continues.

 Several nations, notably the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal, are preparing to deploy military assistance to Ukraine, comprising Stinger air defence missiles, anti-tank weaponry, and artillery ammo.

The Czech Republic- Pete Fiala, the  Prime Minister stated on Sunday that the Czech administration would approve more defence material assistance for Ukraine, which is confronting Russian aggression. Fiala stated that he was unable to provide any information about the shipment. Later, his administration will hold a meeting to discuss the details.

On Saturday, the Czech administration provided 188 million crowns that are, 8.57 million dollars valued of assault rifles, machine guns, and other small arms and ammo.

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Greece- The prime minister's office announced on Sunday that Greece is delivering defence equipment to Ukraine in reply to a petition from the Ukrainian administration. The supplies would be sent to Poland by two C-130 military transport aircraft as a demonstration of sympathy with the Ukrainian citizens, according to the statement. It will subsequently be shipped to Ukraine across the border.

Portugal's defence minister announced on Sunday that it will send military weapons to Ukraine, backing other Western nations in assisting the eastern European country facing Russian bombardment. Lisbon is to send helmets, vests, grenades, night-vision glasses, and ammunition of different calibres, according to a statement sent early this morning on Twitter by the ministry.

In another tweet, Defense Minister Joao Cravinho stated that Portugal stands by Ukraine as it defends itself against an illegitimate, illegal, and unacceptably aggressive invasion.

The Netherlands- The Dutch administration stated in messages to parliament on Saturday that it will give Ukraine anti-tank weapons and air defence rockets. According to the documents, the Dutch promised to quickly ship 50- Panzerfaust, 200 Stinger air defence rockets and three anti-tank guns with 400 rockets in response to a request from Ukraine.

On Saturday, Belgium offered 3800 tonnes of gasoline and 2,000 machine guns.

France- Paris determined on Saturday to deploy defensive military weapons to Ukraine in favour of the nation's defence against Russia's invasion, according to a French army official, who added that the subject of providing offensive armaments was still being discussed.

Germany's defence ministry announced on Saturday that it has accepted the supply of Four hundred rocket-propelled grenades from the Netherlands to Ukraine, indicating a shift in policy after it was chastised for declining to send weaponry to Kyiv, unlike some other Western friends.

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Saturday that the US would supply Ukraine with an extra $350 million in modern military weapons to combat Russia's harsh and unprovoked invasion.

New penalties are also being prepared by Western partners, including the exclusion of key Russian institutions from the primary global payment system. Russia has been heavily chastised, particularly by Western countries, for its recent activities.

On Sunday, Russia escalated its aggression into Ukraine by attacking oil and gas infrastructure, causing massive explosions, and sending some Russian military into Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city.