Sanjay Raut Accuses ED Of Harassing, Threatening Him, His Family, Associates

A  member of Parliament Sanjay Raut has addressed M Venkaiah, who is the Rajya Sabha Chairperson, accusing mistreatment by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) as a result of his unwillingness to help overthrow the Maharashtra administration.

The four-page statement, which Raut uploaded on Twitter late Tuesday, warned that the Enforcement Directorate as well as other central organizations are being utilized with the indirect goal of overthrowing democratically elected administrations, which is not a good indication for any nation where democracy reigns.

He alleged that officers from the Enforcement Directorate and other investigative agencies had been reduced to political stooges. Officials admitted that their managers had asked them to repair him, he said.

Raut stated that he is not afraid, that he would not submit, and that he would continue to tell the truth. He stated that he was approached by some persons approximately a month ago and told to help them overthrow the Maharashtra administration. They wanted him to play a key role in this so that the state would be obliged to have a midterm election. He declined to be a part of any such hidden goal, and he was told that if he didn't, he would pay a very high price.

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Raut stated that he and his associates were being intimidated and harassed. He said that his family possesses an acre of property in Alibaug that they bought about 17 years ago. The ED, according to Raut, has been persecuting people who sold the land and also their families. He said that those who sold the land about two decades ago, their family members and heirs, are being intimidated by ED and other government officials to testify against him, claiming that they got money from him over the contractual value. This was also occurring to other persons who sold the property to him and his members of the family in 2012-13, he continued. He claims that ED and other agency workers phone these people every day and blackmail them with jail time and the seizure of their personal property until they make allegations against him.

He alleged that investigators summoned, intimidated, and threatened the designers and other vendors engaged for his daughter's wedding last year to elicit testimonies from them claiming that he paid them $50,000 in cash. He went on to say that because these folks refuse to participate in such an endeavor, the Enforcement Directorate and other authorities are constantly pestering them.

So far, Raut claims the Enforcement Directorate and other authorities have illegally detained 28 persons. They have forced them to go to the ED department and sit in a room where the warnings are delivered, he added. Personnel from the ED and other agencies entrusted with protecting revenue and securing profits of crime have been degraded to political puppets.

In a money-laundering investigation, the ED has detained Raut's relative, Pravin. The ED is also looking into a firm tied to Raut's daughters. Last Monday, Raut charged the Ministry with a political vendetta, saying it was targeting political opponents' households.