Shashi Tharoor Accepts Congress Colleague’s Apology Over Derogatory Remark

Following an informal conversation with media at Gandhi Bhavan on Wednesday, Reddy, who began by criticising state IT minister KT Rama Rao for his inaccurate tweet about the Hyderabad rape suspect, also mentioned Tharoor for complementing the state government on its efforts to grow the state's IT sector.

After raising a stir with his disparaging remarks against party colleague and Kerala MP Shashi Tharoor, A Revanth Reddy, head of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC), sought to make apologies on Thursday by issuing an apology, which the congressman graciously accepted within minutes.

The PCC chief, who is also a member of the Malkajgiri parliamentary seat, apologised to his companion later Thursday night and communicated with Shri Shashi Tharoor Ji to notify him that he hereby repent his statements and reiterate his respect for his senior colleague. He apologises for whatever harm his remarks may have caused him. Reddy tweeted, "We share our conviction in the Congress Party's ideals and programmes."

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“I got a courteous call from @revanth Anumula to repent for what was said,” Tharoor tweeted minutes later. I appreciate his apology and am relieved to be able to put this awful incident behind us. To improve @INCIndia in Telengana and throughout the country, we must work collectively.

Reddy, who began by denouncing state IT minister KT Rama Rao [KTR] for his inaccurate tweet on the Hyderabad rape suspect, also regarded Tharoor for commending the state government's endeavours in establishing the information technology sector in the state, saying, "He who has lauded the IT minister should also know abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt abt ab The minister's fake tweet should have included that gadha (donkey). It won't affect anything here if we both communicate English to each other.”

He continued to remark that language is merely a communicative talent, not knowledge and that he hoped Tharoor would be kicked out of the party since he was appearing to be a burden.

TRS leaders began ridiculing Reddy on online networks within hours of the local media reporting his statements. Minister KTR tweeted, "As the head of the IT standing committee, Shashi Tharoor Ji recently conveyed some gratitude to the Telangana government's work This is what follows when the party is led by a third-rate criminal/thug.” In his tweet, he even mentioned Rahul Gandhi.

Against online networking, the TRS shared an audiotape of Reddy's statements on Tharoor and KTR, which went popular.

“I am certain he was merely reflecting his familial feelings,” Tharoor stated in response to Reddy's statements. Numerous prominent Congress leaders, on the other hand, launched a scathing attack on the PCC chairman.

Manish Tewari, a former union minister for communications and broadcasting and a spokesperson for the AICC, tweeted, "Dear Mr Revanth Reddy, Dr Shashi Tharoor is a good friend of yours and mine. If you had any doubts about a supposed statement of his, it would have been preferable if you had spoken to him. You must remove your statements in the name of Grace and Propriety.”