Sonia Gandhi To Take A Final Call On Prashant Kishor, Party Leaders Divided

Sonia Gandhi had met with senior Congress leaders before to discuss Prashant Kishor's admittance, which the G-23 appears to oppose.

The Congress is split on whether or not to admit Prashant Kishor to the party, with rumours circulating that if he does, he will be granted special status. Given the circumstances, Congress President Sonia Gandhi will make the final decision, according to sources who spoke to the news agency PTI. She has already conducted meetings with various senior politicians on the subject.

G-23, the group of 23 leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi last year requesting a total overhaul of the party, has objected to Prashant Kishor's entering the party, according to reports. According to reports, they met recently at Kapil Sibal's home to discuss Prashant Kishor's prospective entry into the party.

Party leaders are wary of giving one individual complete control over candidate selection because Kishor wants a full-fledged position and decision-making authority on election-related issues.

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Congress is looking for advisors after two polling failures. Congress has already lost an ace tactician with the death of seasoned veteran Ahmed Patel.

Some Congress leaders, on the other hand, are in favour of including the poll strategist, who has a great track record, with the most recent being the West Bengal and Tamil Nadu assembly elections, in which the parties for which his firm campaigned won.

The point of disagreement is whether Prashant Kishor will head a separate campaign group or continue to work under the current system.

According to reports, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have no reservations about working with Kishor, as they did in the 2017 UP election when the Congress was in coalition with the Samajwadi Party. The combination did not work out, which is why some congressional insiders regard Prashant Kishor's success as a one-off.

In these discussions, Kishor, who has also met with General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and interim Chief Sonia Gandhi, has presented a plan to the Congress leadership, and the talking points are currently being reviewed among the senior officials.

According to sources, Kishor could be named General Secretary in charge of election management, but party leaders argue that entrusting exclusive responsibility for elections to one person is a bad idea because Kishor cannot be trusted completely. Nobody, however, is opposed to his entrance into the party.

Many rounds of discussions have taken place within the Congress structure since Kishor visited Rahul Gandhi on July 13 and delivered his plan, and some party leaders believe his skills might be exploited in the elections.

The Congress is gearing up for elections next year in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa, and a few northeastern states. Kishor has lately worked on campaigns for the Trinamool Congress, DMK, and YSRCP, and has cross-party connections.

Prashant Kishor declared that he does not want to continue working for the Trinamool and the DMK after campaigning for both parties, and rumours of his huge political plunge have been circulating since then. Prashant Kishor, a former member of the JD(U), recently resigned as Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh's adviser.