Taliban Are Normal Civilians: Pak PM Imran Khan On Providing Safe Haven To Terrorists

Khan called a recent report that 10,000 Pakistani fighters had crossed the border to join the Taliban "absolute nonsense."


In Afghanistan, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan said the United States "really messed it up" by first seeking a military solution and then seeking a political solution from a position of weakness. According to Khan, the US should have chosen a political solution when Nato forces in Afghanistan were at their highest level, not when they had been reduced to "barely" 10,000 troops.


According to the Pakistani premier, an "inclusive" political settlement involving all factions, including the Taliban, will be the "only positive outcome" for Afghanistan. In addition, a long-standing accusation that Pakistan has provided military, financial, and Khan dismissed intelligence assistance to Taliban forces in their fight against the Afghan government as "extremely unfair."


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After the war in Afghanistan, thousands of Pakistanis lost their lives, even though Pakistan had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, in New York.


"I don't know what to say," he said when asked about a recent report that 10,000 Pakistani fighters had crossed the border to aid the Taliban. "This is a complete and utter absurdity. Then why don't they provide us with any evidence to support this claim?"


Pashtuns make up the majority of Pakistan's three million Aghan refugees, according to Khan.


Camps with 500,000 and 100,000 people are now available. Moreover, the Taliban are not a military force but rather a group of ordinary civilians. As for civilians, how is Pakistan supposed to find them? His response was, "How on earth can you call them sanctuaries?"


According to a UN Security Council report, about 6,000 TTP terrorists operate on the Afghan side of the border. According to the UN Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team report, the TTP has "distinct anti-Pakistan objectives" and supports Afghan Taliban militants in Afghanistan against Afghan forces.


Imran Khan said Pakistan's Afghanistan instability is clear: Pakistan wants to facilitate dialogue between the Taliban and the United States. In contrast, Islamabad has no intention of entering a new contract with Washington, nor will it allow the United States to set up counter insurgency bases in the nation.


"The only good outcome for Afghanistan would be a political settlement that is inclusive," Khan said when asked if he thought the Taliban resurgence was a good thing.


Not only had the Pakistani government joined the US war on terror after 9/11, Imran Khan said,

they had also taken in thousands of Afghan refugees over the years as a result of the war.


Detractors have been asked to prove Pakistan's alleged financial and intelligence assistance to the Taliban, which he has called "extremely unfair."


As reported by the United Nations Security Council, more than 6,000 TTP terrorists have joined their Afghan counterparts to fight against the Taliban. To assist the Taliban in their war against Afghanistan's national government, Pakistan is alleged to have facilitated the movement of Pakistani fighters into Afghanistan.


Throughout his career, Imran Khan has shown himself to be a terrorist sympathizer. For example, Al-Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden was once referred to as a "freedom fighter" by Pakistani politician Imran Khan.


So that Osama Bin Laden could be justified, Imran Khan had compared him to George Washington and said he was an American freedom fighter for the British.