Technical Issues Over Income Tax E-Filing Portal Being ‘Progressively Addressed’, Says Finance Ministry

On Wednesday, the finance ministry notified us that all the flaws in the Income Tax Department e-filing portal were "progressive" resolved and the statistics of the various submissions on the website show a favourable trend.

On June 7th, the e-Filing portal was opened. Since then, taxpayers and experts have experienced malfunctions and problems with the platform. The Ministry has been tracking the settlement of issues with Infosys Ltd, the project's Managed Services Provider, regularly.

More than 8.83 single crore contributors have signed in by September on a daily average of more than 15:55 lakh, according to a statement given by the Ministery.

"Multiple technical barriers have been surmounted and the data from the various on-site archives show a positive progress." By 7 September 2021, more than 8,83 single crores had averaged more than 15,55 lakhs a day. "Read the statement.

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"There have been 3,2 lakh a day in September 2021, with 1.19 crore forms for the financial year 2021-22 being filed," said the IRS. More than 76.2 lakh contributors used the online filing facility of the platform to file taxes "It was included as well.Over 94.88 lakh Income Tax Returns have been e-verified, with 7.07 lakh Income Tax Returns being processed, according to the statement.

Since it is necessary to e-verify the returns before they can be processed by the Centralized Processing Center therefore 94,88 lakh returns have been e-verified. So far, there are 7.07 lakh ITRs. "

In September 2020, regularly in September 2021, an average of 8,285 e-procedure notices were given and 5,889 replies were filed, "It was also stated. The Department's Facial Assessments provided taxpayers with over 2,61 lakho responses.

Regularly in September, an average of 8,285 notifications for e-proceedings was issued and 5,889 answers were filed. According to IANS, around 10.60 lakh Statutory Forms have been filed, comprising 7.86 lakh TDS statements, 1.03 lakh Form 10A for trusts/institutions enrollment, 0.87 lakh Form 10E for pay backlog, and 0.10 lakh Form 35 for appeal.

Concerning the Aadhaar-PAN link, the Ministry stated, "66.44 lakh taxpayers have linked their Aadhaar numbers to their PAN numbers, and over 14.59 lakh e-PANs have been issued. In September 2021, more than 0.50 lakh taxpayers used these two services daily."

On August 23, the Finance Ministry "summoned" Infosys CEO Salil Parekh to explain why problems with the software giant's platform persisted.

In her meeting with Parekh, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman expressed "deep disappointment" with the mishaps that had persisted for more than two months after the launch and gave him until September 15 to rectify all issues.

The Finance Ministry issued the update just days before the September 15 deadline it set for Infosys, the service provider, to resolve difficulties with for taxpayers. According to the IANS report, the government is constantly engaged with Infosys to guarantee a smooth filing experience for taxpayers. From January 2019 to June 2021 the Government paid Infosys Rs 164.5 crore to build the platform.

"The Department works continuously with Infosys to provide taxpayers with a flawless recording experience." The statement reads.