The US Determined To Ensure Free And Open Indo-Pacific: Biden Tells Xi During Talks

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden assured his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that the US is committed to ensuring an open and free Indo-Pacific area at a digital conference that lasted over 3 hours.

As per the White House statement, Joe Biden stated that the United States will be continuing to defend its values and principles, working with allies around the world to make sure that the laws of the roadway for the twenty-first century promote a free, democratic, and equitable international system.

He also talked regarding the significance of a fair and democratic Indo-Pacific, and he assured Xi Jinping that the US is committed to upholding its obligations in the area. Biden emphasised the significance of liberty of movement and safety airspace to the nation's economy, according to the readout.

The allied presidents discussed avoiding war and working together to address global concerns such as global warming during their initial scheduled meeting while Biden took office in January.

They also exchanged stern threats over Taiwan's fate, with Xi Jinping claiming that those who support Taiwan are dealing with fire. The White House statement reaffirmed the United States' long-standing stance of not recognising Taiwan's sovereignty but supporting the island's military.

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Joe Biden stated that the United States demonstrated its commitment to the one-China strategy, but that independent moves to alter the status quo or threaten security and harmony throughout the Taiwan Strait are firmly opposed.

Following the meeting, China's state-run press said that Xi warned Biden about leveraging the Taiwan problem. Certain individuals in the United States, according to Xi, would like to utilise Taiwan to dominate China. According to the Xinhua news agency, this practice is highly hazardous and akin to messing with fire, and those who mess with fire will be scorched.

The ultimate reunion of China is the universal goal of all Chinese sons and daughters. Xi informed Biden that if opposition fighters striving for Taiwan's freedom agitate, push our hands, or perhaps even breach the red line, China will be forced to take decisive action.

The meeting's goal was to set up barriers to avert violence between opposing superpowers, and Biden stated in his inaugural speech that he wished for a forthright discussion. Xi expressed his delight in seeing an old buddy and stated that collaboration and interaction between the world's two biggest economies must improve.

According to a senior US official, the meeting stretched three and a half hours longer than scheduled, and the talk was courteous and direct.

The meeting took place amid worsening interactions and rising conflicts between the United States and China, and according to a White House readout, Biden expressed issues related to individual rights, such as the scenario in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong, as well as China's unreasonable trade, practises and violent behaviour throughout the Indo-Pacific.

According to the briefing, Biden was emphatic about the importance of safeguarding American employees and companies from the PRC's discriminatory business and investment practices. He highlighted how important it is for him to make large-scale investments at home while also working with allies and partners overseas to meet current difficulties.