The US Flies F-16s Over Kabul As Taliban Reneges On Afghan Peace

The Central Command based in Qatar has advanced combat air patrolling of Kabul with F-16 fighters and bomb attacks on South and east Afghanistan. This has happened because the Taliban has broken its peace promise to the United States. The bombing has been done to prohibit the military aim of the Islamist Sunni Pashtun force from seizing political power. To attack Taliban positions, in Pashtun holds of east and south Afghanistan, the United States Air force Central Command is operating heavy-duty B-52 bombers and AC-10 Spectre gunship. United States planes have also attacked Lashkar Gah in Helmand and Sheberghan in Jowzan. The United States forces shall depart from Afghanistan on 31th August.

As reported by the diplomats based in Kabul, it appears that the Taliban doesn't want to share power with anyone through negotiations even after having a public guarantee from neighboring country Pakistan. This has destroyed the entire western strategy of the United States and the United Kingdom. A meeting which was scheduled from 17th August to 19th August in Islamabad for peace has been postponed for an unspecified period. The meeting was primarily organized by Zalmay Khalilzad (the United States-Afghan Special Representative) and United Kingdom army chief General Nick Carter.

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It has been decided to persuade Afghanistan President  Ashraf Ghani to go on a state visit to Islamabad and schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Taliban military council on the sidelines. Most probably, Taliban leaders like Sirajuddin Haqqani and Mullah Yaqoob are expected to attend the discussion. However, the date of the state visit is not decided yet. The Afghan troika meeting is also going to take place on 11th August at Doha with the European Union, Qatar, the United Nations, Turkey, and Iran joining as special invitees for the deliberations. India is not going to take part in the meeting.

While the Taliban is expanding its military presence towards Kabul, the Afghan leadership remains divided, despite US efforts to bring them together. In this context, the US is urging Afghan leaders including HCNR head Abdullah Abdullah, Hezb e Wahdat leader Ustad Mohaqiq, Ustad Sayyaf, former vice president Yunus Qanooni, Haji Bator as a representative of Uzbek leader Abdul Rashid Dostum, Ismail Khan, and Ustad Atta Noor to band together to defend the Marshal Dostum is already on the ground in northern Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban with his son at the highest level.

However, the military situation in northern Afghanistan is becoming more volatile, with fighting taking place in Kunduz, Sar-e-Pul, and Jawzjan provinces, and the Taliban is having an upper hand. After seizing Zaranj, the capital of Nimroz province, the Taliban began looting public property and releasing prisoners. Although the Taliban's weapon, cadre, and medical aid supply lines continue uninterrupted from Pakistan, Islamabad is pretending to be unaware and has publicly washed its hands of the Sunni Islamist forces. Undoubtedly, in the Afghanistan - Pakistan region, more the things alter, the more they remain constant.