The US Warns China Of ‘Consequences’ If It Supports Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

In a seven-hour conversation described by American sources as "honest, substantive, and essential," Jake Sullivan, the United States National Security Advisor Jake expressed Washington's profound worries about China's alignment with Russia to Yang Jiechi, the senior Chinese official on Monday, threatening him that if Beijing offered assistance to Moscow, China would suffer severe repercussions.

The discussion, which occurred in Rome on Monday, occurred after the Financial Times reported that the US felt China had demonstrated a readiness to provide specific military assistance requested by Russia. Officials from the United States have declined to comment on the claims publicly, insisting that they will deal with China quietly and directly.

In a short statement, the White House hailed the talks on Russia's assault of Ukraine as meaningful, with both parties pledging to keep lines of contact open.

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White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, without going into detail about what those repercussions might be, that what they've communicated and what the National Security Advisor transmitted in this meeting is that if China provides armed services or some other help and support that, of course, infringes sanctions or endorses the war effort, there would be serious repercussions.

The NSA had conveyed openly and very explicitly US concerns about China's support for Russia in the aftermath of the invasion, as well as the ramifications of such support, not only for China's connection with the United States but for China's ties throughout the globe, according to State Department spokeswoman Ned Price.

He stated that this covers their Indo-Pacific and European alliances and partners.

Separately, a senior government source said Sullivan had explained to Yang the extraordinary US collaboration and synchronization with friends and partners in Asia and Europe to impose costs on Russia in the aftermath of the invasion.

When asked if the United States believes China is already assisting Russia, Price stated that they are actively monitoring the amount to which the People's republic of china, or any other nation, gives any sort of assistance to Russia, whether it is material, economic, or financial. They would be quite concerned about any such backing from anyplace on the planet.

He went on to say that it would be of the utmost concern if China, a country with enormous clout with Russia, had a connection with Russia that was separate from that of the United States or just about any other nation on the earth. With that in perspective, China has the potential to do more than most other nations to put a stop to the senseless murder, cruelty, and planned war of choice waged by Putin.

According to Price, the United States has made it clear to Beijing that it would not stand by and let any nation recompense Russia for its losses.

In reply to a query about whether the United States was disheartened with China's reply to the outreach, a state department spokesperson stated that every nation in the world should speak out and be clear and that China's statements had an ambiguous message, trying to call for a peaceful resolution.

Price stated there is nothing difficult about the matter, despite a statement from a Chinese official describing it as such. This is blatant aggression; a pre-emptive war. He went on to say that as a nation that has benefitted from the rules-based system and as a nation that promotes and promotes the principle of sovereignty, the United States expects China to speak up loudly.