Tmc Predicts Big Victory For Mamata Banerjee Despite Lower Voter Turnout

Three days ever since election supervisors from the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Bhabanipur, south Kolkata, were tormented by low voter turnout, governing party representatives predicted that Mamata Banerjee would win the bypoll by a larger edge than Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay, who won an election in the March-April assembly polls.

About 57.09 per cent of Bhabanipur's 2,06,389 voters showed out for the bypoll on September 30, compared to 61.79 per cent on April 26, while Chattopadhyay ran. He was elected with a difference of 28,719 votes. During Saturday night, TMC officials predicted that the chief minister would prevail by more than 50,000 votes.

However the TMC won 213 of Bengal's 294 seats, stopping the BJP's tally at 77, Banerjee was beaten in Nandigram, East Midnapore district, by her mentee, BJP's Suvendu Adhikari.

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As a result of the loss, Chattopadhyay abandoned the Bhabanipur seat, allowing Banerjee to run all over from her previous region and retain her position as chief minister.

The bypoll coincided with polls in the Murshidabad district's Samserganj and Jangipur, which were postponed in April leading to the loss of two candidates.

Although constant rain in Murshidabad, Bengal's most Muslim district with a Muslim community of 66.28 per cent, the ultimate participation at Samserganj was 79.92 per cent, whereas the figure in Jangipur was 77.63 per cent.

Considering the hoopla and extensive advertising by both sides, just 57.09 per cent of people turned out to vote in Bhabanipur, where the weather was clear until around 3 p.m.

The BJP came in second in the April 26 elections, with 35.16 per cent of the vote. Its contender, actor Rudranil Ghosh, who was campaigning for the first time, was lost by 28,719 votes.

“The Chief Minister of West Bengal would prevail by a range of something between 50,000 and 75,000 ballots,” claimed transport minister Firhad Hakim, who has led the campaigning for Mamata Banerjee.

Before the election, TMC officials predicted that Banerjee will succeed by at least 0.1 million votes.

“We will undoubtedly succeed. BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar stated, "Our contestant Priyanka Tibrewal performed tirelessly throughout the campaign."

2,06,389 voters are registered in the constituency. Moreover, 20% of people are Muslims, according to TMC and BJP leaders, whereas Sikhs and non-Bengali Hindus make up roughly 34% of the local population. For the year, the Congress did not run for the seat since its political ally, the CPI(M), ran Srijeeb Biswas.

While speaking at her first campaign meeting on September 22, the chief minister projected a poor attendance because the meteorological department had anticipated the approach of Storm Gulab, which subsequently shifted across southern India.

“Even though it rains, register your ballot. If I don't receive even a vote, I'll suffer. Don't get comfortable and think my success is guaranteed. Because we are in the number, if I do not succeed, somebody else (from the TMC) will emerge as a chief minister,” Banerjee said during the conference in Ekbalpore, which has a sizable Muslim majority.

Even though there was no disturbance during the bypoll, the BJP blamed the TMC for bringing in bogus voters in certain booths. According to officials, the Election Commission received roughly 60 allegations, all of which were deemed to be false.

On Saturday, Tibrewal, an advocate who was defeated in the March-April elections in Entally, central Kolkata, penned a note to the acting chief justice of the Calcutta high court, Rajesh Bindal, seeking that he direct law enforcement agencies to guarantee that there is no conflict after the electoral outcomes are announced.

Several of the applicants who went to the high court claiming post-election violence are represented by Tibrewal, who is currently being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation on the court's direction.

Jangipur did not hold a poll on April 26 due to the death of Pradip Kumar Nandi, the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) candidate, who died of Covid-19. Jakir Hossain, the previous deputy labour minister who won the position in 2016, faced off alongside Sujit Das of the BJP and Jane Alam Mian of the RSP. As part of the poll alliance, Congress gave the seat to the Left parties.