TMC Promises ₹5,000 Per Family Per Month If Voted To Power In Goa

Trinamool Congress Member of Parliament Mahua Moitra revealed that the Trinamool Congress in Goa has pledged a Griha Laxmi Scheme of five thousand rupees each family per month to deal with rising prices and household bills.

She stated that the programme would indeed be comprehensive and will provide sixty thousand each year to all of Goa's projected 3.5 lakh households.

She indicated that the five thousand dollars monthly compensation would be distributed by direct benefit cash transfer. The scheme will provide coverage to 3.51 lakh families. People would not be required to adhere to any backward caste or community, nor will they be required to belong to any economically disadvantaged part. Everyone will benefit from it.

She went on to say that the 'Griha Laxmi' programme is a ground-breaking and revolutionary project for Goans. In West Bengal, the system is presently in place.

Moitra explained the rationale for the decision, saying that it was urgent to ensure that people have money in their hands, particularly after the twin disasters of demonetization and the Covid-19 closure, which left people with no money to spend.

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According to Moitra, economists such as Abhijit Banerjee have stated that the greatest way to jumpstart the economy and the local economy is to give people more money. If a mother has Rupees five thousand, she could buy clothes for her children as well as medicine. This money enters the economy more quickly. The multiplier impact occurs more quickly. Administrations must not be concerned about inflationary impact at this moment. This is the moment to think about liquidity and put money in.

She went on to say that the budgeted allocation for this will be between Rupees one thousand five hundred to two thousand crores or Six to 8 per cent of Goa's revenue.

Goa by now has a strategy termed the Griha Aadhar scheme, which has been started by former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in 2012 and provides a family with rupees one thousand five hundred per month. However, the scheme is only available to the economically poorer sections of Goan society, with the gross income of the married couple combined not exceeding rupees three lakh per year to be able to qualify.

Previously, the Aam Aadmi Party in Goa vowed to increase the existing monthly sum from rupees one thousand five hundred to rupees two thousand five hundred.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has characterised the Trinamool Congress's declaration as an election gimmick geared solely at gaining votes.

The initial intention, according to Bharatiya Janata party spokesperson Narendra Sawaikar, came from Manohar Parrikar, who introduced the Griha Aadhar Scheme, which has been designed to strengthen women and make them self-sufficient, and which has made a lot of progress. These are just means to gain votes, not solutions to women's empowerment. This is a political ruse.

Hasiba Amin, the Congress's social media coordinator, claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party and the Trinamool Congress are competing to see who can promise more free payments to females. They both know they aren't going to win a single seat, so they can make any promises they want.