Vasundhara Raje’s Plan To Visit Udaipur And Ajmer Divisions Creates Buzz In BJP

Former CM Vasundhara Raje's anticipated trips and increased activity create a spike in the BJP Rajasthan Unit. Her adherents are thrilled to offer their visits and programmes for the next few months, while the leadership of the party seems to react very often by claiming they are a high leader and that their visits will benefit the party.

Recently, and later this month, Vasundhara Raje was visiting Rajasthan in floods and is planned to visit Ajmer and Udaipur. Even if the journeys pay sympathy for the families of party workers and leaders who had lost their family members because of Covid, that is also a means of exercising their supporters.

People in the vicinity of Vasundhara Raje said they planned a personal visit, but analysts suggested that it was intended to enhance their visibility and influence because Rajasthan's parliamentary elections had not been held for two years.

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Former Minister Chief Vasundhara Raje planned a trip to a certain district in Rajasthan and this has produced a mood for people aware of changes in the political arena, including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Senior anonymity leader Raje said that he was planning to visit Udaipur and Ajmer divisions to meeting the families of newly deceased leaders and legislators such as former MP Rasa Singh Rawat; the beginning of the legislature, and former Minister of State Chunni Lal Dhakad; ex-MLA Yachazpur Shivjiram Meena. All of them have just died.

The aforementioned mentioned leader indicated the tour had to be adjourned since the daughter-in-law of Raje was uncomfortable. He stated that during her journey the BJP Stalwart will visit the districts of Ajmer, Bhilwara, Rajsamand, Banswara and Udaipur. "Raje is expected to arrive in Jaipur on September 9th, before the start of the Assembly gathering. He also mentioned that her tour will most likely begin following the session."

He stated that during her 2-3 day tour she can also visit the Tripura Sundari and the Charbhuja Nath Shrines.

The discussion of Raje's visit to the state, following controversy over the absence of her photo on the Jan Aashirwad Yatra posters, has given rise to excitement in the State of BJP, especially between senior leaders who see it as Raje's effort to increase its visibility, taking the elections in 2023 into account.

She started her journey on Saturday, travelling to Aligarh to see the Mahadev temple and meet the late governor Kalyan Singh's family. She started her journey with this and will continue after the Rajasthan assembly session. According to a senior party MLA who did not want to be named, the former CM is planning these visits to stay relevant.

While her friends and family refer to it as a "personal" tour, he believes it is designed to broaden her activities as the 2020 elections are near. A significant number of MLAs, MPs, ex-MLAs and MPs attended the yatra. He went on to say, "The problem was also raised with the Central leadership."

Political analyst Manish Godha said tours are like a warm-up in front of the polls that will help enhance the morals of workers while maintaining their political relevance.