West Bengal Extends Covid Restrictions Till January 31, Allows Marriage Events With 200 People. Check Details

Coronavirus-related limitations in West Bengal were increased until the 31st of January, according to news agency PTI, which cited an official directive. While the majority of the restrictions stay in place, the state administration, led by the Trinamool Congress, has made several exceptions.

According to the official decree, weddings can have a total of 200 guests or 50 per cent of the site's occupancy, whichever is lower. To ensure respect to safety standards, fairs have sometimes been permitted on open grounds with severe limits.

HK Dwivedi, who is West Bengal's chief secretary, released the directive. It has issued directives to the police, local governments, and district authorities to ensure that the rules are implemented to the letter.

The state administration noted in its new decree that the decision to prolong Covid-related limitations was decided in light of the virus's Omicron version. Up to this point, India has discovered 6,041 Omicron instances.

Furthermore, the previously imposed limitations in Bengal were set to expire on Saturday, the 15th of January.

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As per the statistics from the state health bulletin, West Bengal had a slight decrease in its only one-day Covid-19 count on Friday, with 22,645 people testing infected for the condition, dropped from 23,467 on Thursday. The drop came after the state's everyday Covid-19 caseload had been skyrocketing over the previous four days.

After the West Bengal administration's recent decree, here's a better idea of what would be permitted and what won't.

Will you be allowed to undertake any outdoor activities?

It is permissible, but only under certain conditions. From the 3rd of January, the administration enforced a nighttime curfew in Bengal, prohibiting all outside activities, as well as individuals and automobile movement, between the hours of 22hours and 5 hours.  Important and emergency operations, on the other hand, are exempt.

Will wedding functions be permitted?

Wedding receptions can have a maximum of 200 guests or 50 per cent of the site's occupancy, whichever is lower. The state administration had previously issued a circular on the 2nd of January that set a limit of 50 people for marriage-related rituals.

Are the offices likely to be open?

All state administration offices, as well as private businesses, will continue to operate at 50 per cent efficiency. The state administration has requested that as much as feasible work be done from residence.

Are there any plans to start an education system, universities?

All academic institutions will remain closed, such as educational institutions, universities. Administrative tasks, on the other hand, are limited to 50 per cent capability at a time.

Will there be eateries and movie theatres open?

Pubs and restaurants, as well as movie theatres and auditoriums, can operate at 50 per cent capacity at any given moment. Nevertheless, before the nighttime curfew takes effect every day, all of these enterprises must shut for the day by 22hours.

Will venues of amusement, marketplaces, and retail malls remain open?

The Mamata Banerjee-led TMC administration in Bengal had already announced the shutdown of all public pools, massage centres, beauty salons, fitness centres, museums, and tourist attractions, among other things, in an order dated 2nd of January.

Markets and retail malls, on the other hand, can operate with access capped at 50 per cent occupancy until 10 p.m. to comply with the nighttime curfew.