White House Confirms Kabul Airport Rocket Attack, Says Ops ‘Uninterrupted’

The latest rocket attack in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul was verified by the White House on Monday, as evacuation procedures continue until the deadline of August 31, 2021. The White House has announced, in its statement, that United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Staff Chief Ron Klain have been briefing President Joe Biden on the Hamid Karzai International Airport rocket attack.

The White House declaration also reads that President Joe Biden was notified of continuous evacuation operations. Moreover, Biden repeated his directive that the commanders should increase their efforts to prioritise actions to guarantee the safety of United States personnel on the ground.

The United States officers said that a missile defence system intercepted rockets at the airport but that the rockets were being launched at the airport. He also stated that it was not obvious if all rockets had been demolished by the defence system and American casualties had not yet been experienced.

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The White House announced the strike barely hours after five rockets were fired at the Kabul airport on Monday, with only a day left for the United States to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. "The President was briefed that Hong Kong International Airport activities continue continuously, and he reinforced his guideline that commanders make all necessary effort to secure our soldiers on-the-ground," said Jen Psaki, Secretary of Press of the White House in a statement.

The missiles were fired at the airport, according to Reuters, but were intercepted by a missile defence system. The official also stated that it was unclear whether the defence system was able to bring down all of the rockets, and that no American deaths had yet been reported.

According to local media accounts, the rockets were launched from the rear of a car and targeted several locations of Afghanistan's capital. According to witnesses who spoke on the condition of anonymity to the Associated Press, missiles hit the Salim Karwan neighbourhood of Kabul, followed by gunfire.

The assault on Monday comes a day after the United States forces waged a drone strike on a truck carrying several Islamic State-affiliated suicide bombers on Sunday. In the process of continuing evacuation, the truck was intended to target Kabul airport. While an Afghanistan officer confirmed three children have been murdered during the drone strike, nine members of a family were believed to have died during the operation.

Afghans and 13 United States military personnel were killed in the Islamic State's suicide bomb attack outside Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul Airport on Thursday following heart-wrenching sights. There were eleven Marines, one Navy sailor and one Army soldier in America's dead military people, and on Thursday 18 other United States servicemen were injured.

Meanwhile, 114,400 people, including vulnerable Afghans and foreigners, have been evacuated by the United States and its allies so far as the war-torn country fell into the Taliban's clutches on August 15, 2021. American officials said evacuation will continue on Monday, giving priority to anyone considered at grave risk.