Zuckerberg's Instagram Introduces Keyword-Filters For Reducing Abusive Content

The social media platform Instagram has announced that it will be launching keyword-filters and security tools to protect the platform from abusive Direct Messages on Wednesday. These tools will make sure that accounts that practice using foul language on a constant basis in the platform will be banned.

The tool will filter out abusive messages, stickers and emoticons from DMs. This will bar any message that is derogatory on  sexist, racist, homophobic or on any other forms of abuse. As the feature is an optional one, users can turn it on anytime from their settings.The automated tool is called as 'Hidden Words' and will be launched in the next update of Instagram.

Filtering of the messages will occur in the 'request section' as it is the primary place where the users receive the maximum amount of abuse, said Instagram. These anti-abusive tools have been designed under the guidance of significant anti-bullying and anti-discrimination organisations of the world, the company added.

Another interesting feature about the tool is that it will allow users to ban a list of words, sentences and emoticons that they feel is abusive. The tool will filter out these messages into a hidden folder where the messages will be masked until the user decides to view the contents of the message. Thus giving a cleaner messaging space to the user.

The second security tool prevents users from messaging someone who blocked them by using a new account. Instagram will also add a 'preemptively' block feature that will allow the user to block all the related accounts of an abusive person. Although, Instagram hasn't disclosed how it will link different accounts of a single user.

Cyber-bullying and torturing is common in today's world and Instagram has decided to put a stop on these malicious practices. The anti-abusive tools will soon be put into practice by Instagram.