Bhupinder Singh Hooda would have never imagined in his own state of Haryana he will get booed off by the public. According to Times of India When Hooda shared the stage with the Prime Minister in Kaithal the crowd really decided to make a mockery out of the Haryana Chief Minister (CM) which has not gone well with all the other Congress led Governments in the State of Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir were the assembly elections are due.

The congress party is wary of these incidents and is calling it the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) cheap tactics to undermine the authority of its CM’s. Already the CM of Maharashtra Mr Prithviraj Chavan has decided not to attend the ceremony in Nagpur for the foundation of Metro because he would not like to be in the same position as his Haryana counterpart.

Mr Prithviraj Chavan said "In my opinion, the recent incidents in Solapur and Haryana in the presence of Modi had adverse impact on our federal structure. Under such circumstances, I decided not to attend the Nagpur event”. The congress party has stated all this as political antic on the part of BJP to undermine the authority of congress led government.

All India Congress Committee General Secretary Shakeel Ahmed also added that “There is a political design behind the incidents. PM is visiting Jharkhand on Thursday and CM Soren should be cautious. It's not only about Congress CMs. All self-respecting CMs of the Opposition should avoid political functions of Modi, which are being held in the name of public functions," and this accusation has been totally denied by the BJP.

In their opinion it is the public’s view of how the congress led government has failed its constituents and that is why its congress leaders are now facing flak.