Our own have Delegitimized Surgical Strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Five days ago our Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi did something that not only stunned Pakistan and the rest of the world but it also shocked many of us in India. After many infractions committed by Pakistan whose objective is to get India bleeding by a thousand cuts, we finally decided to teach them a lesson by sending our special forces inside Pakistan held Kashmir to search and destroy terrorists launch pads. The mood in India was jubilant after the attack was made public when the Indian Army Director General Military Operations (DGMO) Gen Ranbir Singh announced that several terror launch pads have now been neutralized with hostility. The Pakistani’s reaction was similar to that of a family who returned home and found all their valuables have been stolen. If the PM Nawaz Sharif admitted India did carry out a successful surgical strike it would mean they are incompetent and the Pakistan Army was in no mood to agree with that.

Now when America had raided the hide out of Osama Bin Laden, it was a slap on the face of its military but an incursion was made by India and all its soldiers returned safely back after carrying out the attack which was the ultimate insult and agony for them. To admit to this surgical attack actually happened is tantamount to defeat. After the attack officials denied one after another, and a statement was issued so the people of Pakistan would not lose faith in its all powerful military and its leader General Raheel Sharif. They went all over to delegitimize our Surgical Strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir but every country believed our account. Pakistan was disparate and was in need for some support after we slapped them on the face. Even after every political manoeuvrings no help came, even China was quite, but when help did arrive it arrived from India.

Ever since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India many politicians have found it very difficult to digest this fact and to name a few politicians who are still suffering from this political indigestion are Congress leaders such as P. Chidambaram, Digvijaya Singh and Salman Khurshid. Also joining the band wagon was the fractious chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrwal who has done everything in his power to delegitimize the center that happens to have more than simple majority in Parliament. So it did not come as a surprise when few days after the attack the call for making the video which the Indian army said was made of the raid to be made public. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Congress leader P. Chidambaram have now openly demanded for proof on Army's surgical strikes across the LoC to destroy terror launch pads.

When sensitive covert operations are carried out a lot of precautions are taken to ensure safety of the men who are about to take part in a very dangerous military operation. The worst thing that can happen to cover operatives is if their true identity is revealed. If and I am sure the Army will never lie to the public and in any case the video has to be released. They might ensure to edit some of the parts because they could be very sensitive in nature and could be used for future use. When the American Navy Seals took out Bin Laden a recording of the event was made which has still not been made public and if the likes of Arvind Kejriwal and P. Chidambaram want proof than it can also be said that the Americans never killed Bin Laden and the raid was just a gimmick. All over the world when armies of respective nations conduct an operation the whole country and its leaders are behind them but in India after fake congratulations given to PM Modi it was back to playing politics. For People like Arvind Kejriwal and P. Chidambaram all they see is political gains made by BJP even though it was a very risky political gain because if the operation had gone south, Modi would have to pay hell for it.

But as this was a carefully planned operation where all aspects were considered that included military, political and diplomatic, because that is the norm. Who can forget when President Barack Obama informed the world that the mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attack has been killed. I can be quite sure as to what could have been Obama’s thoughts while the operation was going on. He must have been thinking if the operation goes badly he will be a one term president but that does not make him selfish because that is how politicians think. Here PM Modi took a calculated risk and it paid off and along with that came political dividends. But that is something which is indigestible to many of the politicians in the opposition who developed the habit of ruling rather than governing. So after the euphoria had settled Arvind Kejriwal asked the government to release the video because of the false propaganda being spread Pakistan. Digvijaya Singh had already tweeted that many believe that the attack was just eyewash giving legitimacy to Pakistan.

BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad rightly said "I want to ask Arvind Kejriwal whether he believes in the extraordinary valour of our Army or not in the conducting surgical strikes and under the garb of seeking proof, don't belittle great leadership, courage and sacrifice of our armed forces. Why are you getting influenced by propaganda of Pakistan."

The Pacific Nation of Marshall Islands filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice, UN’s judicial branch and the highest judiciary in world, against India for allegedly failing to halt the nuclear arms race between Pakistan, UK and India. On Wednesday UN court threw out Marshall Islands case because it lacked jurisdiction. Judge Ronny Abraham told the International Court of Justice in the Hague that the UN court upholds India’s objection to jurisdiction and finds that it cannot proceed to merits of the case.

In April 2014, Marshall Islands had sued the five member countries of UN Security Council- China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Along with that it had also sued India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea, in view that they had failed to bring clear negotiations to nuclear disarmament. But among all the countries sued, the other six countries never acceded to the ICJ court, therefore it accepted cases against India, Pakistan, and the UK only.

The Islanders of the Marshall Islands have had a long, bitter history with nuclear weapons as their land was Ground Zero for 67 nuclear weapon tests of America from 1946- 1958 at Bikini and Enewetak Atoll, while they were still under the jurisdiction of America. The nuclear weapon tests included the 1954 hydrogen bomb ‘Bravo’ which was about 1000 times bigger than the Hiroshima atomic bomb and is so far considered world’s most powerful bomb detonated by US. But it resulted in forced evacuations of numerous islanders from their ancestral lands, although thousands were already victims of radioactivity due to the explosion. Lands were left uninhabitable. A former Marshall Islands Foreign Minister, Tony DeBrum was quoted expressing his personal experience of the explosion at an ICJ hearing, “The entire sky turned blood red. Many died, or suffered birth defects never before seen and cancers as a result of contamination.”

The Islands claimed that by not stopping the nuclear arms race between UK, India and Pakistan, India has breached the 1968 Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, even if New Delhi and Islamabad haven’t signed any pacts. But the Islands want these three countries with nuclear power to take necessary measures to carry out what it considers to be obligations under the treaty, that is “to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament.” Experience such as they had with the explosions maintains for the people of the Islands to testify with authority about the devastating impact of such arms.

The International Court of Justice, though, accepted Indian arguments that ICJ has no jurisdiction in the case.

The critics believe that the real fight here is the islanders’ fight with Washington. The ICJ action is just a distraction. Their argument develops from the fact that the Americans were the ones who carried out tests in the islanders land. They assert that the case has no relation to the victims’ claim for increased compensation, better health care and clean-ups to render the sites habitable again.