The Dust Of Dissent, Congress Party And The Gandhi Family

The dust of dissent, congress party and the Gandhi Family

There had always been dissents in congress party and leaders expressed dissatisfaction all the time. Sometimes they even broke away from the party. But somehow the congress party survived. If we see its history, even before independence there had been difference within the party and some members had walked away. Some of the famous people to walk away were, Chittaranjan Das, Annie Besant and Motilal Nehru who resigned from the Congress to set up the Swaraj Party. Also who can forget the Garam Dal and the Naram Dal, the first original divide in Congress.

After independence there were several instances where the party had split. Due to Indira Gandhi’s authoritarian regime and the forming of Jan Sangh. The party had been split so many times since but still managed to survive. It always had fair number of seats in the Parliament. But now, one has to look deeply into reasons why the congress party faired s poorly in the 2014 general elections. It only managed to get poultry 44 seats with many party stalwarts biting the dust. Many who had lost have huge vested interest which not only relates to their business but the very survival of their future political fortune. This time it seems they will not stay quite.

The only way congress party will try to take focus of its political failure will be to find a patsy for their cause which will be Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He failed, he kept quiet, and he did not take initiatives to reduce the inflation. He is responsible for 26/11 attacks, bottom line he is responsible and Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were innocent bystanders. Too bad they already used and chewed out P.V. Narasimha Rao, the man who rescued the Indian Economy from Abyss and ushered the new tomorrow and shaped Indian foreign policy for decades to come.

But would that be enough? Not this time it seems. If Sonia Gandhi and her loyal sycophants think that the party will survive this time; there is a very strong possibility they will be wrong. No matter what one might say about Prime Minister Manamohan Singh, he is still very much liked and respected by many Indians as a person, something the Gandhi family will never achieve. Sonia Gandhi was the Chairperson of the powerful National Advisory Council. A proxy and parallel government. The Gandhi family and the congress party which has already started the rumblings of Manmohan Singh’s failure as a leader to protect itself is not going to work. The people are smart enough to know if Manmohan Singh was the shoulder, the gun was fired by the congress president and her cohorts. It is ironic; this is the same man who won them the election last time and they enjoyed the ride on his coattail.This has always been the case with the congress party, always willing to pass the blame and throw people over the land mine so that they can have a safe passage.

The offer to quit was a mere formality on the part of Mother and son, because neither of them have the conviction or the courage to face the reality. To them it is business as usual. Why give up when they hold the key of Gandhi-Nehru name, a blank political cheque which can be cashed over and over again.

It is perplexing and sad to see a party denigrate to such levels from which there could be no recovery. No idea could salvage the current problem faced by the Indian National Congress because the symptoms are different this time and the old remedy to cure the malady will not work. The party has lost or fast losing its support at grass root level. The functionaries at the district level are not receiving the kind of support that they enjoyed earlier due to massive disconnect between central and state leaders. With the upcoming state elections many politicians who are involved in state level politics are going to have a very hard time to stay loyal and remain with the party as they would have calculated by now it will be a political suicide. A lot of senior state level politicians might even decide to form their own party and thus severing ties with a decrepit leadership. What that will do to the party. Couldthepuppets quite possibly cut the strings and free themselves.

At present there is no one in the party who can revive the fortunes. The policy of never create a leader more popular then the Gandhi family is now going to hurt. The Nehru-Gandhi clan has ruled us for a better part of independent India and it would not have come as a surprise to all of us if Jawaharlal Nehru himself aspired his daughter to succeed him and her, her sons. But the cradle has fallen and this time bough cannot be mended.