It’s all Happening in Mumbai Stock Market is up and Uddhav Thackeray Clueless

The Stock Market closed at an historical high and the Shiv Sena and the Congress party held the governor of Maharashtra hostage and the poor man in the process even got injured for which 5 congress MLA’s have been suspended. However after the BJP led by its new Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis managed to defeat a no confidence motion in the Maharashtra Assembly, former Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan called the entire trust vote a black day in democracy. But in the end the biggest loser to emerge from all this is the Shiv Sena headed by the fickle minded Uddhav Thackeray. Because of this, the Shiv Sena has lost a very big opportunity to play a major role in state and national politics.

The inability to gauge the public mood and the momentum which Narendra  Modi has still managed to sustain after winning the general election will prove as a definitive and detrimental cause of this party’s fall from grace. It would not come as a surprise if a few Shiv Sena MLA’s jump ships, both at state and maybe at the center.

In all this confusion the NCP (Means to an End Party) has emerged as the unlikeliest winner by supporting the BJP from the outside and bamboozling Shiv Sena and isolating congress in Maharashtra. The NCP and its core leadership of Sharad Pawar, Ajit Pawar and Praful Patel are one of the most opportunistic politicians who will get into bed with just about anyone to retain power or escape from investigations for mismanaging the economy. The NCP will genuflect to anyone, to them it is a means to an end and neither do they feel nor see any shame in it. But still managing to become the third largest party in Maharashtra after having had the pleasure of making some of the most crude, snide and insensitive comments by its leaders over the hapless farmers of Maharashtra is an achievement. Ajit Pawar should be singled out for coming up with most obeisance comments about the plight of farmers! The man really knows how to touch the hearts of the people.

Even before the elections the congress party was the anointed loser in Maharashtra and now to cry and call the winning of the Trust Vote by the BJP as illegitimate is a clear sign of a sore loser. But it is the Shiv Sena who has lost ground in a big way. They threatened BJP, cajoled BJP, threatened again and finally it became comical. If Raj Thackeray managed to make himself a political pariah, Uddhav has done even better. With over 60 MLA’s and 18 members of Parliament he just could not out maneuver Modi and Amit Shah. Did he not get the memo when the BJP only offered one cabinet birth and would not budge?

Let’s be clear Uddhav Thackeray Simply lacks the political acumen of his late father Bal Thackeray and has made a hash of things. Uddhav’s undermining and insulting Modi during the elections was never really forgotten, but when a man keeps sending signals of dissent and support clearly did not fool the BJP leadership. They knew he was desperate for power and if he had accepted the BJP’s terms, maybe in the future during an opportune moment Uddhav Thackeray could have negotiated a better deal. Now he could face a bit of a rebellion in his party with members hoping to get a cabinet position in the new government. If this happens by the time the next elections will be held in this state, the Shiv Sena could be as marginalized as his cousins, the only leader of MNS.

As of now there is nothing the Shiv Sena can do and a word for caution for the BJP is how they will manage a fickle NCP. Will they be investigating all the corruption cases against them and now as they are in power how they plan to pass bills. The overwhelming defeat of Congress and NCP was a clear mandate by the people, but what they want most is good governance and if it comes at the cost of taking support from NCP, so be it.

For the common man, business has picked up, stock prices rising, fuel prices going down and a get on with business government at the center which is the need of the hour. The BJP has definitely won this session but this is Test Match and a lot more surprises, twist and turns and political intrigue still remains to be unfolding in Maharashtra.