He Came, He Won, He Squandered

To act without rapacity, to use knowledge with wisdom, to respect interdependence, to operate without hubris and greed are not simply moral imperatives. They are an accurate scientific description of the means of survival.

Barbara Ward, Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth

The writing is on the wall for the Aam Aadmi Party because it not just lost the Delhi MCD election to the BJP, it lost overwhelmingly and instead of being humble and accepting the mandate of the people it is a being petulant. Over two years ago Arvind Kejriwal stunned everyone by winning sixty-seven seats out of seventy in the Delhi Assembly elections. This victory was unprecedented in the electoral history of India because the AAP was the recently formed political organization whose members came from different spectrums of our society and in just a short period managed to capture the hope and imagination of our country but something was afoul.

Crawl before you walk

When AAP decided to content the general elections in over four hundred seats in the 2014 general elections without any groundwork it sent out a negative signal and the name of this signal was “hubris”. For the BJP it was a long road to victory, after all, there was a time back in 1981 when it only had just two members in the Parliament. But it was hard work and calibrated political strategy that saw BJP emerge as not only the single largest party in 2017 but cross the magical figure of 272 which meant there was no need to seek support from the outside and implement tough policies like demonetization.

When it comes to the people of Delhi they can be brutal with electoral politics

India is a homogeneous society in theory but in practice, Delhi epitomizes homogeneity more than any other city because people from all the parts of India live here and caste and religion based politics just don’t work here. That is why the likes to Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samaj party never had any success or impact although our nation’s capital shares border with Utter Pradesh. AAP knew all of this and had some of the brightest people in its fold at the beginning but soon many started leaving because they were the first to see the ugly side of its leader Arvind Kejriwal who clearly suffers the cult of the personality syndrome like other politicians.

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Delhi not just gave the clear mandate to the AAP but sent a loud signal to all political parties they will not be taken for granted and the same applied to APP which it forgets. When APP was contesting Delhi Assembly elections its workers and leaders were closer to the people and every neighborhood was canvassed and the result was getting 67 seats out of 70. But this unprecedented victory alerted their DNA and suddenly APP aspired to be a national party but it was too soon. Winning an election is a great achievement but getting the job done is what gets political parties back in power. It was clear APP thought it could win elections in Goa and Punjab which are small states and almost all of its top echelon spent time there campaigning. The people of Delhi did not like that, not one bit and the result of the MCD elections is the undeniable proof.

His eyes are bigger than his stomach

It takes many years to emerge as a national leader unless you are a member of the fabled Nehru-Gandhi family and the best part is Kejriwal was presented with this opportunity but he wanted it quick. He had been chief minister of Delhi for just three months when he resigned and contested in the general election from Varanasi against Narendra Modi to be called a giant killer. Without any base he ordered his party to a content election in over four hundred seats, hoping to become the next Prime Minster of India or better yet play the king maker. But this action proved to be a disaster and many lefts but still, he won Delhi because the people were willing to forgive and wanted change. Also, BJP just played it wrong in Delhi and completely deserved to lose.

The loss of Acuity

BJP should have lost the MCD elections because most of its corporators were corrupt and did a very poor job for the last ten years. That is why most of them were not given the ticket to fight the election and were issued the warning to be loyal to the party. AAP could have taken advantage of this and pointed out this fact but instead, it sulked at the election loss in Goa and Punjab by blaming the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and demonetization. The election commission in India is an extra-constitutional body and has the respect of the people for conducting free and fair elections and APP had the audacity to question this revered institution and at the same time talk rubbish about demonetization the best economic policy to curb corruption in our times which the people had already rejected it as a lame excuse. The supremo of AAP in his loss neither showed any grace but everyone can feel the stench of a sour loser who does not have the courage to own responsibility.

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. Arnold H. Glasow

Arvind Kejriwal forgot the most important rule in politics which is “all politics is local” and in the end is no different than Rahul Gandhi who never takes blame for the loss but is there to reap all the glory. In his time as the CM of Delhi Kejriwal spent more time outside of the state campaigning than working for the people. His constant verbal attack and obsession with PM Modi are now the stuff of legend. When he started out there was grace which we now know was a mask he wore beautifully.  But in just two years all one sees is conceit and hubris. It's clear Arvind Kejriwal suffers from political caducity otherwise his party should have won the municipality election easily.