Let’s not blame Islamic State for the murder of 39 Indians

On 21st of March we all finally got the conformation about the death of 39 Indian workers in Iraq and our worst fears became official reality. These men who come from meager economic background had gone to Iraq as laborers but what would transpire few months later no one could foresee. Our citizens were forcibly abducted by the Islamic State once they overran Mosul and were murdered in cold blood with no regard for compassion or mercy which is one of the core tenants in the religion of Islam. But the cold hard fact is, they were murdered because they were not Muslims but let’s not blame ISIS.

But in this moment of sorrow when our entire nation was grieving for these victims and praying for their families it was necessary to show solidarity to the world and put a united front but instead the Congress Party decided to play politics over lives lost just to gain some cheap political points. Instead of blaming ISIS for their parochial Islamic ideology they decided to shift blame on the government and not once mentioned ISIS.

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But the hypocrisy of Congress party was exposed because the people of this country are smart enough to see through their half-truths which are more dangerous than a full lie. If we pay notice to the tweets sent by congress leaders one would easily see appeasement politics at play and can conclude what they want to say, whom to target and what they wanted to omit.

Here are some of the tweets that should put an average Indian to shame

img 1

Although this tweet from Congress President Rahul Gandhi seems quite genuine but one must try to look beyond. If you would notice there is absolutely no mention of ISIS who actually carried out this murder.

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But the next tweet by Congress President clearly shows their political intent and lifts the veil of their hypocrisy.


In this tweet again no mention of ISIS but only the clamoring for the resignation of Foreign Minster Sushma Swaraj


In this next tweet Rahul Gandhi takes out a twitter poll asking people if they think Sushma Swaraj should resign for the death of 39 Indians. Still waiting for the congress President to mention ISIS who murdered these people because they were not Muslims. But the truth of the matter is more than 75% people differed from Rahul Gandhi’s shallow opinion to gain cheap political points.


Here are more tweets from senior congress party leaders who fail to mention ISIS even once.


Shashi Tharoor who was a minister for external affairs in Congress government should know better about policies before making such irresponsible and misleading statement on twitter.


Anyone with a semblance of knowledge about ISIS and their medieval Islamic practices that has already led to murder of tens of thousands of people knew the fate of these trapped Indians. However there is a policy and procedure in place and without proof and evidence, government does not have the right to declare them dead. The 39 Indian workers, who were predominantly from Punjab were abducted and held hostage by Islamic state when it overran Iraq’s second largest city Mosul in 2014. In order to confirm death, DNA matches of the 39 Indians who were held captive and then killed by ISIS was needed and only then government can legally pronounce their death.


One can clearly see how sad and distressed Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj was when she spoke in Parliament that the DNA sample of 39 workers matched with bodies found in a mass grave. But before all that Gen VK. Singh Minister of State for External Affairs went to Iraq to find these missing Indians and The Ministry of External Affairs said that "As soon as the announcement of liberation of Mosul was made by the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi, the Indian government activated various channels for locating those Indians. Iraqi authorities have conveyed that all cooperation would be extended in this regard and instructions have been issued by them to all relevant Iraqi agencies for the same."

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For four years Indian government was engaged in prolonged efforts for their release and relentlessly pursued Iraq's help in locating them after Mosul was recaptured last year but the hope was always very thin, still the effort to find them relentless.