Modi's Speech In UNGA-A Fait Accompli

It all started well when Mr.NarendraModi invited all the SAARC members for his swearing in ceremony which included the Nawaz Sharif the PM of Pakistan.All went well when he did not meet the Kashmiri Separatist during his visit which led the eventual decision to let the foreign secretaries of both countries to meet to start dialogue.

However, it all went wrong when the Pak High Commissioner to India held talks with the Hurriyat which does not represent the people of Kashmir and is on the Payroll of the ISI. This action led the cancellation of the meeting of the two foreign secretaries in Islamabad. Pakistan blamed India for breakdown of talks and the usual rhetoric began at both National and International Stages.

One thing is clear that the Pak Army which controls the foreign policy was not happy with PM Sharif visiting India in the first place and probably instructed Abdul Basit to hold talks with the Kashmiri Separatist to scuttle the talks almost on the eve of the meeting. This was a “Fait accompli” which is the story of Pakistan foreign policy which is taking one step forward and three steps backwards.

What one could make out is very clear, since India cancelled the meeting and with world leaders converging at United Nation for the annual meeting of the General Assembly; they could bring the “K” issue back in the limelight and hold India responsible for the failure of the talks. This was taking three steps backwards.

But it did not go according to the plan and the speech given by Nawaz Sharif was dull and had no substance and the body language indicated, he was not even interested and did not believe in what he was trying to sell to the world. He made a reluctant pitch to bring the Kashmir as the main Issue of contention between India and Pakistan which everyone knows but have heard the album so many times no one showed any interest. In reality the Pak delegation came, spoke and quietly left without making any impression.

Though Pakistan will never agree that it made a mistake when its High Commissioner met with the Separatist, but now they are in back foot because the wayModi’s Visit turned out. No Pak leader can ever expect such rousing welcome in America like Modi did. One cannot even remember when was the last time America hosted a Pakistan PM or President for a state visit. Though every time the payment gets delayed someone in Islamabad starts screaming bloody murder.

However looking at turn of events the Pakistani foreign minister Sartaj Aziz had called the meeting that took place in New Delhi “Poor Timing” and said "The timing of the meeting between Pakistan high commissioner to India and the Hurriyat leaders was not right and it could have been avoided. The newly-elected leaders of both the countries missed an opportunity of starting a dialogue." It sounds more like a concealed Mea Culpa.

The lion uses different tactics to hunt every time it goes out for a kill but with Pakistan the entire plan relied on the same old trick of bring the Kashmir Issue out in the open. Sadly for them this has never worked before, but maybe the thinking was, if they keep trying, one day they will succeed. By failing to understand the mood of the new and more Centrally PowerfulModiGovernment, the action has now backfired.

What deals India will cut with US remains to be seen because the trip is not yet finished and there is more to come. But the speech which PM Modi gave at the Center of Foreign Relations which is an important think tank and has influence over American policy must have startled the Pakistanis. They figured if they could rattle the cages,Modi might just make some inflammatory comment but he did not and only managed to prove how wrong the Pakistani are he did so using less words.

It was as if a child was being cautioned by just a single glare from the parent and this could not be good news. America knows how the Pak military functions and how flagrantly it uses America for its end, but it is understandable they need to keep doors open because the Pressler Amendment ended up creating more problems between both nations and did not serve its purpose. The end result Pakistan did manage by proliferation to become a nuclear state but having atomic weapons does not boost the economy.

India is getting deals from Japan, China and the way the visit has progressed more economic ties with the US and what does Pakistan gets in a big Zero. The civilian government need to show more spine and stand firm when it comes to key economic and foreign policy decisions becausethe way policy is being dictated and directed in Pakistan by its military they could soon end up Isolated in Asia like North Korea.