Bollywood’s BADSHAH Shahrukh Khan has finally launched the star tennis player Sania Mirza’s autobiography ‘Ace against Odds’ in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Published by Harper Collins, the story consisting 40 chapters starts from the time when Sania was 4 or 5 years old.

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It took Sania around 5 years to complete the book, with the constant support of her father Imran Mirza. “The book covers her opinion, everything till this point of her life. It touches on all the controversies of her life, everything has been covered on her life, including her career” he said.

The 29 year old tennis player has had a long career even in this small age. She is ranked at the first position in the doubles with partner Marting Hingis, which is by far her most glorious victory. But, her journey has never been easy. To choose such a sport as professional career from a very young age in India, where we have only selected famous sports, is in itself an achievement. Born in a middle class family and getting access to limited amenities also added to her obstacles. But crossing every hurdle, she surpassed all our expectations and kept growing, stronger and mightier. She has won innumerable titles and awards, which is known to all. Her charismatic and appealing personality complements her life.

In the official book launch, SRK complemented her and said that Sania Mirza’s life is motivational and even a film on her will be very inspiring.

The book contains tales featuring her life’s achievements and hardships. She has even detailed facts about her personal life, for instance her marriage with Shoaib Malik. She carries a very optimistic approach towards life and has the capability to pick the better side of everything.

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She is genuinely happy that she has finally completed the book saying, “I owed it to write it, and I am happy I did.”

“I hope the book is a useful road map to guide the next generation of tennis players from India. If my story can inspire even one youngster to the heights of winning a Grand Slam in the future, I will feel blessed”, said the shining star of Tennis Sania Mirza while speaking to Indian news agency PTI.


When asked what was the major obstacle of her life, she replied by referring to the three surgeries undergone by her, especially the one of the arm in 2010 after which she thought she would never ever be able to play and do that one thing which is most treasured by her. But then, she switched to doubles’ championship and came up with No 1 position, which added another golden feather in her wings. ‘To be No.1 in the World is the most gratifying and amazing feeling’, Sania said.

Writing biographies and real-life stories is in trend, maybe because the present man believes and is more inclined in real life- touching stories. It is indeed true, the achievements of people who earn it with dignity and hard work can bring in a lot of encouragement. India needs more stories like Mary Kom, Milkha Singh and Sania Mirza to rule the field of sports. We have got ample of talents, but the shortcoming defeating us is lack of awareness and encouragement. Some people break all odds and lead the path of success, but some give up early. So for all those less hopeful group and to make things easier and prospective, the government and the concerned authorities should also give a kickstart to boost up the morale of million others who can make our country proud and create a landmark.

The book launch ceremony isn’t over yet, Salman Khan is going to launch the champion’s book in Mumbai, and Parineeti Chopra will be a guest in Delhi’s ceremony. Let us wait for what is the response of readers on this book and how well it goes.

Hitler asked his generals “Is Paris burning” because he wanted to turn the city into rubble because his army was losing ground. But that never happened.

It’s inexplicable how humans can shoot, stab and run over people employing a truck with impunity and call it a service to god. France was celebrating Bastille Day and people were enjoying the fireworks minding their own business when a truck wreaked havoc by rrunning over hundreds of people at Nice. While so far 84 people have died, there is still a sad possibility of the rise in number. The driver of the truck was shot by police, but by then it was late already, he had painted palm-lined Promenade des Anglais RED with the blood of innocent men, women and children. Not since the end of Second World War and the terror attacks carried out by OAS in the late fifties and sixties has France witnessed such carnage. But the last eighteen months have been the bloodiest period in nearly fifty years and has pushed this country and its core believes of "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité" to its limits. But to the astonishment of the world and to those who killed the innocent, the French still stand by their basic fundamental believes.


The last two years have not been kind to France and Europe in general because of constant terror attacks carried out by Islamic Death Cult ISIS, which follows puritanical form of Islam with aspiration for global Jihad and dominion of Islam over the world. Already ISIS has been responsible for the attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo which claimed the lives of ten journalists because they published images of Prophet Mohammad. And in November last year, they carried out a 26/11 Mumbai style attack on Paris which lead to the death of 130 people.

There have been constant onslaught from Islamic terrorists all over the world in the last two years which have claimed hundreds of lives all over the world. The list of attack includes the Bombings at Brussels airport which took the lives of 32 people and more recently at Dhaka, Bangladesh where Islamic terrorists who hailed from well-to-do and educated families took hostages and killed 20 foreigners because they could not recite the Quran. Among the dead was also a young Indian girl named Tarishi Jain, and the other Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain, who refused to leave his friend and chose death.

Then there was also the mass shooting at Orlando, Florida, Night club which was frequented by the LGBT community by a deranged individual named Omar Mateen. There was also a suicide bombing in Istanbul turkey when ISIS struck the international airport, killing 41 people. Then there were stabbing of people by lone wolf terrorists in France and Israel where dozens of people have died, and more recently a teenage girl was stabbed, while she was sleeping in her home, by a Palestinian. The attacks are not just limited to Europe, they have spread elsewhere as well. Just this month the ISIS carried out the deadliest bombing when Fedayeen struck with two bombs, attacking the district of Karrada and the suburb of Sha'ab in Baghdad, killing nearly 300 people and wounding several who were Muslims.

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Also, in July Islamic terrorists attacked using a Pakistani suicide bomber who targeted security forces outside the Prophet's Mosque at Medina, Saudi Arabia, who also happen to be promoters and proponents of Wahabi Islam. Now it does not get any more personal then this when Islamic terrorists attack the Prophet’s Mosque because if they think this action is permitted then the world must realize that they will not stop killing civilians until they achieve their objectives. These terrorists cannot be called deranged because they are smart and ruthless in their approach when it comes to executing such heinous terror strikes. But they are surely fit to be called evil because, they believe in slavery and have brutally forced thousands of Yazidi women into sex slavery.

Terrorism has no religion, Terrorism has no religion if we repeat that a thousand times it is not going to go away

The time has arrived for the civilized world to get together, and fight ISIS and Islamic terror that is spread all over the world. In India, we have been victims of terror orchestrated by Pakistan and its ruling military which supports and gives training to Jihadis to wage an asymmetrical war on India. The time has come to stop distinguishing between good Islamic terrorists and bad Islamic terrorists. Taliban, lashkar e taiba and Boko Haram because they all espouse same ideology where one must not show any compassion to those who disagree with them.