In a report by Press Trust of India, it seems likely that the India Australia Test match starting on 4th of December might get cancelled on the wake of the tragic death of former Australian opener Phillip Hughes. There is now a cloud of uncertainty if some of the players are mentally prepared to play the match starting next month. The death of Phil Hughes came as shock for all cricket lovers and reminded about the dangers of playing the game. There is also a talk which is going on wherein the bouncers could be banned but this will make the game very dull and one-sided since cricket has already been labeled a batsmen’s game.

India has also cancelled a practice match against Australia XI out of respect for the untimely death of Phil Hughes. Right now there has to be a debate going on in Australia about the test match starting on 4th December should be cancelled because it cannot postponed since the second test match starts on 12th December just four days after the end of the first test match. The main concern is the player’s state of mind and the need for grief counseling and other mental support. When a team mate dies under tragic circumstances it can have a serious psychological impact.

Cricket Australia Chief Executive James Sutherland said “To be honest, on the Test match next week we haven’t thought that far ahead and we really don’t think it is appropriate at this time,” and further added “The whole of Australian cricket is grieving and all we want to do is to provide the Hughes family all the support we can right now.”

Phil Hughes would have turned 26 years old on November 30th died just three days before his birthday and now safety concerns for cricketers has taken front seat again and what more could be done to make the lives of players more safe when batting. Question of a better Helmet design could have saved Phil Hughes’s life is also being asked. Weather the next test is played between India and Australia is cancelled or it goes ahead as planned, one thing is clear the world of cricket has a lost a very talented player and a good man.