It ended before it began

What happened in Brazil on 8th of July 2014 at Belo Horizonte was no less a tragedy of biblical proportion because Brazilian football did die that day when the “German blitzkrieg completely obliterated and overrun the host” (no Pun Intended) in the first half. The 7 - 1 loss was a shockwave which was felt all over the world and what repercussions the players and administrators are going to face is a foregone conclusion. But I am sure there will be blood figuratively speaking because never before the Brazilian fans would have experienced such pain. I am not taking any pleasure in writing this article for me; it is more like performing the last rites.

The loss was so bad that no amount of excuses could suffice the eventual outcome because Germany was always the favorite and throughout this world cup they have played a much disciplined game. On the other hand the Brazilians who played there opening games with full of flare and typical Latin American football always lacked an all-round approach and the defense was especially very vulnerable. They were lucky and barely survived against Chile which is a very good side and after that match all the pundits of the game made a clear prediction, if Brazil made it to the Semi Final and based upon who would be the eventual team which they would face in Semi Final which was predestine to be Germany, they would lose because the way the Germans are playing in this world cup, no team could stop them.

The loss

But no one in their dream would have ever visualized that Brazil will suffer such a humiliating loss. Yes they must have surely missed Neymar their premier striker and team Captain Thiago Silva who is their best defender, but then again there is no excuse for playing such bad football. It was as if watching a bunch of uncoordinated pre-teens who are still learning the basics of football. It was as if they just did not know where the Germans were placed in the field and just kept giving them opening after opening. Never before I have ever seen the Brazilian team so confused and have they played badly before, sure they have, but never like this. Imagine, even before the first half had ended the writing was on the wall and one could see the pain the utter disappointment and anguish on the faces of the home crowd.

But enough of Brazil’s football fortune because during this match Miroslav Klose, Germany’s long serving striker became the leading goal scorer of all time surpassing the Local Brazilian Hero and one of the best players the world had ever seen, Ronaldo who had scored 15 goals. But what is remarkable is the bench strength the Germans have barely used Lukas Podolski in this world cup, who is known for his ability to net goals, plus they have Mats Hummels, Mario Gotze and Andre Schurrle who have contributed to German victory in the 2014 world cup.

Closing gap

Also in this world cup we saw the gap filing between the giants of football and lesser teams like Costa Rica, Algeria and the United States (U.S) to  name a few. Also it is good to see the popularity of this great game is ever so increasing U.S. If this world cup saw the vulnerability of Brazil, it also saw the rise of some very good future prospects like James Rodríguez who at present is still the highest goal scorer in this world cup. Also Clint Dempsey from the U.S and Ahmad Musa of Nigeria have made a name for themselves.

Football analyst and experts can sit all day and maybe for years to come and dissect the game but one thing is certain, Brazil is the team with most world cup victories but Germany is by far the most consistent team since 1950. Their game and the strategy to build a new side with new ideas which takes time and patience. In Brazil the football administrators and coaches have to take a good hard look and start rebuilding the side again because world football needs a team like Brazil. If measures are not taken and stronger bench strength is not available, who knows it may be even possible that Brazil may not even qualify for the next world cup finals.