'Super League', A Breakaway Tournament To Be Introduced By The Elite European Football Clubs

A total of 12 major European football clubs have agreed to form a new competition, 'The European Super League' which would be governed and looked upon by its 'founding clubs'. The proposal looks to modify the structure, the relationships and most importantly the revenue that has been in practice since centuries. After months of secret meetings and discussions teams that include the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea,  Liverpool, Juventus and A.C Milan to name a few have reportedly sent out the message on Sunday.

The proposal is to organise a midweek tournament that will be competing directly with the UEFA Champions League. The clubs argue that this change is needed in order to bring stability in these severe times of pandemic. "We will take football to its prized position" said Florentino Perez, the President of Spanish giants Real Madrid who is also selected as the first Chairman of the 'Super League'.

The proposal also states that each participating club will receive a whopping €3.5Bn to meet the requirements for the competition.  This amount is almost four times that of the most prestigious European competition, ' The Champions League'.

The major football bodies like UEFA and FIFA have swiftly responded to block this proposal. FIFA stated that it won't allow any players getting involved in the Super League to participate in any of their competitions. This includes arguably the biggest sporting competition in the world 'The FIFA World Cup'. UEFA also barred the league calling it a "cynical proposal".

Football players and pundits have shown their disagreements regarding the Super league. "This(Super League) is an insult to my belief" said Lukas Podolski, former Arsenal player. Fans across the world have turned down this giant project as it allegedly only  focuses on money-making and destroys Football's sense of simplicity.  It will be interesting to see how things pan out and how the footballing fraternity responds to this massive proposal.