1. Shopping

Men are least interested in shopping and when going out with BFF think about the amount of fun you two can have leave aside shopping. Also there would be somebody with you to suggest you on anything from shoes to scarf’s, dresses everything. Loafer’s or sandals, top or t shirt , man these are some tough decisions. Don’t you worry when BFF is here.

  1. Private talk

Ok if you are married you have a husband to share you emotions with but BFF would always be there before or after marriage. You can also share the silliest things that comes to your mind, and laugh about it for hours and finally get the best suggestion possible. That is BFF for you.

  1. Gossiping Around

Gossiping runs in every girls blood, but you actually need somebody reliable to share it with. With BFF you can be confident that nothing shared with them would ever be revealed to anyone. So talk about your ex boyfriend or your last nights drink and go bonkers experience.

  1. Girls Outing

You can plan a girls night out. May be hop around a few pubs, discs or even a pyjama party at home and talk about anything and everything. It can be lot of fun and you may end up doing a lot of things you might have never done before.

  1. Support

Facing a difficult situation don’t know what is right or wrong, boyfriend issue or marriage. BFF is the pillar of support you can always rely on.

6 .More Than Family

Brothers and sisters is something god gave you but friends is somebody you can choose somebody who understands you and relates to you in a way nobody else can, not even family members. If there is anything bothering you and you don’t have the courage to tell it to anyone, vent it out to you BFF because sharing problems help and that is what BFF are there for.

7 .Sharing

I share a lot of my dresses, saris and jewellery with my BFF. I am lucky to have a BFF with the same body stats as mine. But you can always share your secret recipes and jewellery and a lot more things.

8 .Tutor

Best friends are more like teachers . They can educate you on anything starting from relationships,sex, or dressing, make up. The list is never ending. Just be a bit more attentive when they share with you there valuable suggestions

  1. Decision Making

Some serious issues in hand. Pick up a phone or just drop in uninvited at your best pals place. You don’t look upto your parents, chachi or mami when it is about deciding who to spend your entire life with, choosing your life partner. Its always your BFF. All this while when you were aww struck by the men you were dating, it was your BFF keeping a close eye on him. And when you approach them for the answers they will tell if this guy is the right choice for you or not.

  1. Escape Goat

The best and the most handy use of you Best friend forever. Wanna go out on a date or go some place your parents should not know about.  Let them know you are going out with your BFF, no second questions asked  and even if they call up to check your partner in crime would be there to handle things for you as always.