What is your favorite season, being a girl for me it’s always Monsoon.  Just the idea of getting drenched in rain, eating those hot crisp pakodas, sipping tea is all mesmerizing. But how to make the most of it. Here’s few things you can keep in mind to get all geared up for monsoon.

  1. Hair

Get a nice short hair cut, which is easy to manage. Buy some natural shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you wash your hair atleast twice a week as there is a lot of moisture in the air which can make your hair look greasy. Avoid excess styling products and never tie your hair when it is wet.

  1. Skin

Get a good sunscreen lotion. You may get to see less of sun but you could still get sun burnt. Get a water based cream. Daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing are a must. Rain brings along all the dirt and pollution in the air with it, which can be very harmful for the skin. Carry a good face wash with you and use it when required.

  1. Clothes

Avoid wearing your sparkling whites or light coloured clothes as you don’t want them ruined.  Anything which is comfortable and light. A mix of cotton and synthetic is the best as it tends to dry quickly. Better to wear three fourths rather than full length jeans. Tight fitting clothes would make you feel very uncomfortable in case you get wet in the rain.

  1. Footwear

You get a variety of monsoon specific foot wear in the market which looks trendy and colourful and are very comfortable as well. Canvas or anything which has cloth lining is a no no, because it gets wet very easily and won’t dry that easily. Also you would want to keep your feet dry or else it can result in fungal infection. Best are the plastic ones which dry off easily.

  1. Umbrella

Time to show off those colorful umbrellas so go for some umbrella shopping. Each year you can get new styles and designs. Flaunt them. May be something matching with your favorite dress. They save you from rain and also are a nice style statement.

  1. Carry Bag/ Purse

Cloth bags won’t be suitable. Get something in water proof material, with some special pockets where you keep your money and mobile safe from water. Also to be extra careful get something with a complete zip or flap covers, so that there is zero possibility of water damage to your bag.


An umbrella, medium sized towel, hand sanitizer. May be a change over if possible or atleast a tshirt.

  1. Food

Avoid anything oily or else avoid eating anything from street vendors like samosa and other Indian junk foods. Food tends to get spoiled or rotten easily, so  try eating fresh. At home get some air tight containers as all the moisture in the air gets on to your food easily.

  1. Basic Hygiene

Make sure you take a bath or at least wash your hand, face and feet properly once you are back home. There a lot of germs in the air and water. Monsoon sees the highest number of stomach infections. Simply washing your hands frequently can lower your risk.

  1. Mosquito Repellant

Buy a good mosquito repellant cream. There are a few very good ones available. Dengue, malaria and jaundice cases are always on the rise during monsoon. Better to take precautions.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the season.