14 Seconds To Jail

Imagine you are standing on a bus stop,where a beautiful face comes before your sight,her hair pass by your distress from summer,with a flowery and yet fruity fragrance of her perfume which makes the entire scene instantly perfect . Her eyes meet yours, your admiration reaches out to the sky and back. 14 seconds have passed by so far, but instead of jazzy music of violins and saxophones in the background, sound of the sirens of the police car fills in. Puzzeled? Yet, this could soon be a reality, if profounding Rishiraj Singh, the excise commissioner in the southern Indian state of Kerala, manages to successfully implement it. “A case can be filed against men who stare at women for more than 14 seconds," Mr Singh said in Kochi on Saturday.

A wave of memes and sparking humour reactions were immediate response to such bizarre statement. Hysterical comments and people raising out ‘vaild doubts’ were all over twitter and other social media platforms. Detecting the loopholes in his statement, People online asked what might happen if a man blinked, and some quipped that sales of sunglasses would go up,which is possible if such law comes into existance. (Many may go for, cheap ‘Rayban’ shades, as it’s affordable for the masses). But there were others, who supported his statement, as it would possibly foster women safety in an effective way. ( only when you have a proof that the creep stared at you for 14 seconds) or there can be many false cases charged against the innocents, on baseless proofs. One such meme,qouted the same, "Just informed a girl that I didn't like her after meeting her for marriage. She threatened to file a case for staring at her for 14 seconds.", or you are glutton for punishment, your jail-mate might ask "Bro, what is your crime, stabbing or theft?". And you would say “Just went to see a girl for marriage, got convicted for looking at her for 14 seconds."

Also, the commissioner had further mentioned in his statement that women should be proactive in reporting anti-social elements and learn martial arts to be defensive enough. The statement  seems legit in consideration to the rising numbers in terms of crimes against women in kerela and the nation at large. Reacting to Rishi Raj Singh's "14 seconds stare" statement, sports minister Jayarajan described it as "disgusting". Jayarajan said he will bring this to the notice of the excise minister and ask him to examine the controversial speech. As earlier too, the comissioner was barred by the UDF government for breaking the protocol at a function attended by the home minister, Ramesh Chennithala, last year.

The only question boils down to the point is, if this not-yet-existing “law” comes to power, will it actually upgrade the country’s prevelant levels of women safety and general security, or will it become just a subject of mockery which will shall be rulled out on every ground.