Tension was already very high because the Trinamool Congress did not want Amit Shah, the BJP party Vice President, to hold a rally in Calcutta. But to add more political tension Al Qaeda Pamphlet was found in Amit Shah’s Rally which security agencies are investigating. In the meanwhile the TMC led protest in the Parliament building where they told that Amit Shah should be named in the Sahara scam and raised this issue in the upper house. Derek O’ Brian one of the MP’s of TMC had said in the parliament that “We want to raise an issue sir, very important issue. Name of Amit Shah appears in a red diary found from the Sahara chief.”

But the issue of finding Al Qaeda Pamphlet at the BJP rally is just not going away and has raised several security issues. The BJP and TMC have been at loggerheads with issues like the multi crore Sharda Chit Fund scam and the Burdwan bomb blasts which security agencies think have connections with banned terror groups funded by Pakistan. BJP has accused the West Bengal government of shielding the culprits of this bomb blast and playing vote bank politics.

Amit Shah name in Sahara Scam Red Book

With accusation and counter accusation flying from both ends and Amit Shah openly saying to uproot the TMC from West Bengal and also told the crowd that the money from Sharda Chit fund was used to sponsor the Burdwan bomb Blast. Though there is no substantiated information with regards to what Mr. Shah has said or what the TMC is saying about him as someone being involved in the Sahara scam, one thing is clear this whole incident will have serious effect on the ongoing winter session of the parliament and again key bills will get delayed due to petty politics and name calling.