Al Qaeda Wants To Portray Modi Enemy Of Islam

Al-Qaeda, which recently released a video in which its current leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri announced the creation of a separate wing for India, wants to portray Prime Minister Narandra Modi as an enemy of Islam and as such India should take its threat "very seriously" as per Press Trust of India. This is a calculated move for Al Qaeda, since their influences in the Middle East has waned over the years and have lost control to Islamic State.

This new path is a clear indication of trying to revive a group which has been constantly decimated over the last 10 years by the United States and it is only logical to spread its influence in Asia which has the world’s largest Muslim population and India ranks third. What happened in Gujarat in 2002 is certainly a stain in our democracy, but overall things have improves over the years and the two communities have gotten along peacefully.

What Al Qaeda is trying to do is use the riots which happened in Gujarat and create an anti Muslim image of Modi and in that process spread terror and create a divide. Indian security officials are checking the authenticity of the tape and have briefed the government. Since Mr. Modi has taken over the office of PM one must concede he has taken a very secular line and all his ideas have been India centric. However he must do more to reign in some of the hardliners in his party.

The new group has been named as Qaedat al-Jihad and the operations will be led and handled by Pakistani terrorist Asim Umar. This new development will certainly be exploited by the Pak Army and its Intelligence wing Inter Service Intelligence to put more assets in India to carry out terror strikes. But this will prove disastrous for Pakistan which wants better relations with India.

No official statement has come from Pakistan with regards to the threat made by Al Qaeda and no one knows what actions will the Pak authorities will take. India will have to keep a closer eye on people like Hafiz Saeed who is a known AQ supporter and has lots of contacts.