No! The corona beer and coronavirus are two different bits and they are not related whatsoever. Individuals assume Corona beer is identified with the lethal Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, as scans for 'Corona beer virus' are slanting.

Individuals seem to be fussing that the Mexican beer Corona Extra is some way or another connected to the destructive coronavirus episode in China that resulted in the death of 130 individuals. According to the information from Google Trends, searches for "corona beer virus," "beer virus," and "beer coronavirus" have expanded considerably around the globe since 18th January. According to the statistics received from Google Trends, between January 18 and January 26, explorations for "corona beer virus" bounced 2,300% all around. The searching for "beer virus" hopped 744% in a similar period, and scans for "beer coronavirus" bounced 3,233%.


The first stated incident of the fatal coronavirus was on 8th December in the city of Wuhan which lies in central China. Wuhan and a few other Chinese urban zones have since been isolated. At present, 132 folks have been killed and 6000 tainted. Including the United Nations, a total of seventeen nations have stated cases of coronavirus. According to the data gathered, Denmark and Cambodia topped the list of places that saw a rise in the graph to search for the "Corona beer virus." The search facts and figures also show that there were plentiful hits for "Corona beer" and "Coronavirus" explored together which jumbled the people.

There is no relation between the beer and the virus. The deadly virus which has created panic in minds of people is termed as Coronavirus because beneath the electron microscope, the virus has crown-shaped spike bulging from their surfaces. In Latin and Spanish, Corona means crown. On the other hand, Corona beer is a Mexican beer as it originated in Mexico. According to the English language, the anatomical term "Corona" is used for body parts resembling a crown. This is not the first time when a virus has affected the sales of a well-known brand. People are also spreading memes and jokes regarding the virus and beer together. 

No! There is no specific link between Corona beer and Coronavirus. Both have their own place and even though they have the same name, they are not related to each other. So, stay safe and take care!