Australia And India Are Now Nuclear Partners

The deal to supply uranium to India by Australia has been finalized after the meeting between Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and Narendra Modi in Delhi today. This deal will give a tremendous boost to India’s peaceful development of nuclear energy which is much needed.

More than one third of Indian population still does not have electricity and the power generated by our nuclear reactors is just not sufficient to meet the growing demands. This deal could pave the way for reduction of coal which is used for generating power in India and also a major cause for air pollution.  Mr Abbott while speaking to reporters in Mumbai said "India has an absolutely impeccable non-proliferation record and India has been a model international citizen."

While speaking to Journalist, Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb, who is an important member of the entourage, said "We have satisfied ourselves that the steps for appropriate safeguards are in place." Mr Robb also said "for us, Australia is a major supplier of resources, particularly energy necessary for our development needs."

This would be a second coup this week for PM Modi after his successful trip to Japan where he managed to secure nearly 35 billion dollars of investment in India by Japan. The end of 100 days of Mr Modi taking the office of Prime Minster can certainly add one more feather. But the promise of cutting red tape will remain to be seen. Also he has to control the growing prices of essential goods which are hurting the bourgeoning middle class.