Telangna CM Plans Ayutha Chandi Yaga and Former Uttarakhand CM Pokhriyal declare India was first country to conduct Nuclear Tests Lakhs of years ago and Astrology is bigger than science.

I woke up this morning a little bit late and as usual my net was on and when I pressed the button on my trusty lap top it immediately letup my room with its incandescent light. As usual I checked the news appearing in all major Indian newspapers and online journals and then came across two articles which caught my fancy. One article was in the Times of India and the other in Hindustan Times. The article in TOI was about the impending mass ritual to be conducted by the first Chief Minister of Telangna K Chandrasekhar Rao who has used astrology which comes as no surprise since many politicians do in this country. The ritual he plans to perform is the Ayutha Chandi Yaga which would basically would make him invincible to his enemies and help tame them. Now who are his enemies is totally different question.

The second news piece which caught my eye was the declaration made my former CM of Uttarakhand Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank of BJP who said with all conviction and sincere believe that India was the first country on earth to conduct nuclear tests. In a quote which he gave to Indian Express he said “Today we are talking about nuclear tests. Lakhs of years ago, Sage Kanad had conducted a nuclear test. Our knowledge and science do not lack anything.” Now there is no denial that as a nation India has contributed a lot to science after all we gave the world “ZERO” the most important number which is used in computer coding. But what surprised me was the claim that we conducted a nuclear test “Lakhs of years ago” which basically denigrates modern science about the existence of Humans on earth maybe a million years ago.

I am a proud Indian and also equally proud of our ancient and rich culture and the achievements and contributions which we made to science which I personally think has not received its due share. Most people think it is the Greeks who gave the world science and philosophy and yes they did but we also gave quite a lot. The only problem I see is maybe we are not very good at Public Relations. Maybe we need to do a better job letting the world know about out scientific contributions. The Vedas and Puranas are full of eternal knowledge and is a philosophical guide if one would take time to understand it. The Bhagwat GIta which eminent physicist Robert Oppenheimer often used was perhaps its outmost patron of modern times. Just go to Google and type “Now I am become death” and the name of Dr Oppenheimer and Bhagavad Gita will be the top search results.

But in all this glory and proud history of our country, I wonder is it really necessary to perform a Yaga to vanquish ones enemy or tame them in politics because what I personally think with all due respect and significance for Yaga is this. All a politician has to do is run a clean and effective administration and help bring changes into the lives of people. If politicians do that then they will never lose an election and in politics it is all about winning elections. Holding a long and elaborated ritual which will last for 10 days nonstop serves the purpose of extinguishing one’s own insecurities and paranoia but it does nothing for the citizenry at large. Also it would be fare to assume a lot of state funds could be used to fulfill one man’s wishes to become invincible. Alas in politics there is no such thing as being invincible and having the power to tame ones enemy because even the mightiest fall someday.

People believe in astrology and there is nothing wrong in that but it would be foolish to think it is ahead of science as claimed by Ramesh Pokhriyal. By saying astrology as more significance to science it is tantamount to insulting the likes of Aryabhata, Brahmagupta and Bh?skara who have made our lives rich with knowledge in the field of mathematics and science. To even think, we as a nation existed hundreds of thousand years ago without any empirical evidence is an insult to our intelligence which would drive most Indian scientist to shame.

They say science is all about rediscovery and the path of rediscovery still and maybe will remain infinite and also somethings will remain a mystery and could only be discussed at a philosophical level. The power of ancient knowledge and rituals is what makes our country unique and attractive. Hinduism is a religion which never really believed in evangelical propagation  like other religions do to increase its  numbers, but still it is one of the fastest growing religions in the world and in its Abstract form lies the true meaning of life, nature and our cosmos in general. The Yagnas are nothing but tools to connect with our inner self and Mother Nature. It is not a tool to tame enemies and maybe the true enemy of Telangna CM K Chandrasekhar Rao are the very People who bestow their trust on him to make their lives better and if history has taught us anything people can only be ever tamed with love and the sincere dedication to serve them especially in a democracy. To Mr. Pokhriyal no one and even I will ever dispute the importance of Astrology but it will be adark road to travel if our sole faith is on something which can never be quantified. Astrology is a believe and to some extent science but never true science and maybe something’s should be better left un-understood and let the divine cosmic power shape our future.

Remember what Lord Krishna told Arjuna on the eve of the Battle of Mahabharata “Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani.” Do your duty and never worry about the result, if ye work was honest ye will be rewarded. If Chandrasekhar Rao does his duty with outmost sincerity he will be the victor and by looking into the future to see what rewards awaits Mr. Pokhriyal he countermands the basic tenants of Gita. Not that it has or will ever stop people from consulting astrologers but if our dear politicians decided to spend more time  solving the problems of the masses then their future in politics is guaranteed.

While speaking recently at a meeting at Jagdishpur, a village in his Lok Sabha constituency, Amethi, Rahul Gandhi, the ever-in-waiting PM candidate of the Congress party, announced that he was adopting the villge under a model village scheme. While making the announcement, Rahul tried to take a dig at the PM who had propounded the scheme, by asking the assembled villagers as to where funds for their wishlist of forty odd development projects would come from. All he succeeded in achieving in the process was to betray his lack of knowledge of the dynamics of the scheme and the resources available to an MP for its implementation. Needless to say, the bewildered audience became disappointed over their parliamentary representative's cynicism and disregard for their plight. Wasn't he expected to sit with his constituents, work out the viability of the projects they were interested in and figure out a way of implementing them?  Was it not what his job was all about? In short, if he was clueless, as indeed admitted by him by implication, as to how to get the development schemes carried out, why was he an MP at all? Why didn't he go home with his excess baggage of pessimism and leave it all for a better person to take over? Rahul was once again clueless, this time about his constituents' bewilderment over his befuddled approach to his role as a people's representative.

In the Mould of Super CMs

Not to be left far behind in a similar state of bewilderment as Rahul is our own irrepressible Chief Minister of Telengana, who is apparently clueless about the ways and means to become a popular Chief Minister. K.Chandrasekhara Rao, called KCR by his partymen in the popular mode of NTR and MGR, cinematic hero-turned-super Chief Ministers whose lengthy names had been reduced to cryptic initials by their fans in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu respectively, is peeved over his inability to become a darling of the masses in his state in the same way as NTR and MGR had in their time. His populist measures like increasing the pension amount from Rs.200 to Rs.1,000 has not cut much ice with the people. On the contrary, much to his chagrin and discomfiture, the number of suicides in the state among farmers and pensioners seems to be on the rise.

Action Plan for the Right Image

Surely, there must be a secret formula to the success of NTR and MGR, which one must be able to identify, unravel and put to good use for ensuring KCR's unbridled popularity. Rao's team of advisers put their heads together and came up with an action plan for creating the right image for their leader. Let it be known, they averred, that the people's leader is all for purity in his official as well as private lives. Isn't white the colour of purity?  Besides, Rao's astrologers had advised that white was his lucky colour. So, clad he must be in white all the time! As a course correction measure suggested by astrologers, KCR got all the official cars of his convoy which were originally black in colour, repainted white. Again, in conformity with the advice of the astrologers, he shifted the Begumpet camp office of his party to vastu-compliant building next doors.

Numerology for Good Luck

Not prepared to bank only on the astrologers' advice, KCR has been trying out the next point on the action plan, namely, numerology for good luck. His lucky number being 6, he has got 6 cars in his convoy, the registration number of all of which is TS 09 6666.

While fighting elections for Lok Sabha and the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Assembly in 2004 and 2009, he bargained for and wangled off 6 Lok Sabha seats and 42 (4+2=6) Assembly seats, both times. It is, of course, a different thing that in 2004 his party entered into an electoral alliance with Congress and in 2009 with TDP. To make not too fine a point, KCR was not averse to fighting elections with different alliance partners in different elections. Never mind the mismatch in ideological alignment! The number of seats alloted to his party must, however, be in strict alignment with numerology!

When his party formed the government in 2014 in the newly-formed state of Telengana, his Cabinet included 12 ministers (multiple of 6).  Numerology, again!

Beseeching Divine Intervention

Despite his scrupulous adherence to the action plan of his advisors, astrology and numerology have not been of much help to KCR who has his sights set now on divine intervention, no less. He is now convinced that he needs 'invincible powers' to vanquish his enemies and overcome all obstacles. To this end, he is preparing for a mega religious event, 'Ayutha Chandi Yaga', an ancient and elaborate ritual performed in the olden days by kings and practically unheard of in the modern times. The Yaga includes rituals like 'Shatru Samhara' and 'Rajavashikarana'. The logistics planned for the event to be held in February next year, are far too elaborate. 1,000 sacrificial fire pits (Yajna kund) are being built in KCR'S farmhouse in Medak district. 1,000 priests from Sringeri and other places will chant 700 mantras 10,000 times non-stop over a period of 10 days and offer oblation in the sacrificial fire pits to propitiate Goddess Durga.

The Yaga is expected to bestow on the one commissioning the event invincible powers by the use of occult science in which mystical energy and tantric powers are used to control and regulate other people's minds, thoughts and actions. This uncommon Yaga has been performed by very individuals like former Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi, Deve Gawda and Rahul Gandhi in living memory.

Faith in Religion

That the right of a private individual to practise his religion is enshrined in the Indian Constitution is stating the obvious. Faith in a religion on the part of any citizen is understandable and calls for respect from all quarters in our secular set up. What is not comprehensible is the utter insensitivity on the part of a political leader, who leads a State of composite cultures and religions, performing such an elaborate ritual in a fly-in-the-face fashion for a period of as many as ten days at what must turn out to be a stupendous cost. Add to the cost, which would hopefully be borne by Mr.Rao and or his party, the elaborate logistic arrangements including security and traffic, as also the unquantifiable time and energy which would be spent on the event by the state machinery. The sheer numbers involved are staggering and may be termed infructuous.

Why the Yaga?

And what is the purpose of the Yaga? The Chief Minister's office and party would have us believe that the Yaga is not being held for the benefit of KCR but for seeking God's grace and blessings for the newly-formed State of Telengana. They point out that the government's populist schemes are failing to strike a chord with the masses but are used by KCR's political opponents as a stick to beat him with. Their leader has, therefore, chosen to seek God's grace and blessings for the nascent State!

If at all the Yaga is being held for seeking divine blessings for the State, why the rituals which seek to bestow on an individual 'invincible powers' by the use of occult science in which mystical energy and tantric powers are used to control and regulate other people's minds, thoughts and actions? Is the claim that the Yaga is for seeking divine blessings for the State a ruse for defraying the expenditure of the proposed event from the state exchequer?