Brahamdagh Bugti Is Not A Terrorist Like Burhan Wani

Brahamdagh Bugti Is Not A Terrorist Like Burhan Wani
Brahamdagh Bugti Is Not A Terrorist Like Burhan Wani Balaji Subramanian

Brahamdagh Bugti Is Not A Terrorist Like Burhan Wani

Brahamdagh Bugti is not leader of a terrorist organization but is the leader of the Baloch Republican Party, wants to pursue justice for the people of Balochistan

False equivalence is a tactic which can be effectively used against an opponent to draw attention from the real issue. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about Balochistan from Red Fort on our Independence Day celebration this year, it was the crossing of the Rubicon. No matter what difference both nations have, Balochistan was a subject not to be discussed but after two years in office PM Modi decided to hit Pakistan where it will really hurt the most and that was a major shift in foreign policy. Some experts believe that the Uri attack was Pakistan’s response for mentioning Balochistan and that it touched some raw nerve. Also, this is one region that is rich in minerals, natural gas, and is home to the all-important Gwadar port where China plans to build massive sea port with collusion with Pakistan under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPAC), however if there are any economic gains it will not be shared with people whose lands they have usurped . Fact is the people of Balochistan have everything but have nothing because they live under the shadow of serpent and live a life in abject poverty.

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But until 15th August 2016, no one in India really knew anything about Balochistan except it is one of the states in Pakistan. But after PM Modi mentioned it in his speech, I am sure many would have tried to find more information through Wikipedia just so they can have some answers if the topic popped during conversation. Fact is, Balochistan got its freedom before India and Pakistan but on 27 March 1948, Pakistan formally annexed the State of Kalat or Balochistan and since then the people of this region have endured and still endure unimaginable pain and suffering at the hands of Pakistan’s Punjabi dominated Army and Para military forces.


Since then the Baloch nationalist have regularly fought against the government in 1948, 1958–59, 1962–63 and 1973–77. In the last ten years or so, the momentum to gain independence has grown stronger and with the help of social media atrocities of committed by Pakistan are seeing the light of day. However the road to freedom still has a long way to go and there will be many more sacrifices which the brave and secular people of Balochistan still have to make. But the good news is, there is momentum and international attention because the world is just tired of Pakistan which is home to 'Ivy League of global Islamic terrorism’.

The case of Brahamdagh Bugti

Right now, the greatest thorn on the side of Pakistan is Brahamdagh Bugti grandson of slain Bugti tribe leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti who at the age of 79 died fighting the Pakistan army back in 2006. After that his grandson had to leave his homeland and took refuge in Afghanistan where attempts were made to assassinate him. To save himself and the cause he escaped to Switzerland and from there he has been waging a relentless campaign to internationalize the extra judicial killings that are taking place in Balochistan but Pakistan with its false equivalence has managed to force him to move by branding him as a terrorist with a chance of deportation. But one thing is clear, he is not a proxy of any country as it has been contested by Pakistan. Brahamdagh Bugti is not a Syed Salahuddin who is the chief of banned terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen or Burhan Wani who was recently killed by our security forces in the Kashmir Valley.


Brahamdagh Bugti is not leader of a terrorist organization but is the founder and leader of the Baloch Republican Party, and wants to pursue justice for the people of Balochistan through legal channels. At the U.N when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called Burhan Wani a leader “A new generation of Kashmiris” who have risen spontaneously against India’s illegal occupation, who are demanding freedom from this occupation. He called the killing of Burhan Wani as murder by Indian forces and labeled him as the symbol of the latest Kashmiri Intifada. He called this AK47 gun slinger a popular and peaceful freedom fighter for Kashmiris. I am glad he did not equate this stone cold killer who wants a Islamic Caliphate to Martin Luther King, since the speech was given in New York.

Should India give Asylum for Brahamdagh Bugti?

If Brahamdagh Bugti is given asylum in India he will not be breaking any law because he is not going to plan any terror attack on Pakistan. He is not going to go kill people in cold blood or ask someone to kill on his behalf like Syed Salahuddin who sends young men to their death while he leads an opulent life. Pakistan is rattled because the truth of its atrocities will soon see the full light of the day. The mass graves of tortured Baloch men are now out in the open. Pakistan has not changed since its inception and even when it invaded Kashmir in 1947-48. It’s so called irregular fighter’s raped women and the same thing was repeated in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, back in 1970-1971 when the Pakistan Army indulged rape and killing at an industrial scale. Baloch women are dragged out of their houses and are raped so their sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands will surrender to be killed without mercy. But even then they resist tyranny and risk their live to protect other minorities like Hindus and Christians.

Pakistan is afraid that these inhuman actions of its Army and Para military forces will be judged by the international community. Back in 1971, its genocide was swept under the carpet by the Americans because of their vested interests but this time around things are different. With people like Tarek Fatah and Ahmar Mustikhan who are leading the charge against Pakistan and its state sponsored genocide against its own citizenry things that have been buried for seventy years will come out in the open. So this is a time for action and for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come true with his promise and make Pakistan pay for its crimes against humanity. India must take this burden on its own because no one will come to her aid because every country has its own vested interests. By giving Brahamdagh Bugti Asylum we are only following our tradition, after all we also gave asylum to the decedents of Prophet Mohammad, so why even think to help a son of our soil. Also we must help create a Baloch government in exile to give it legitimacy as we did with Dalai Lama in the year 1959, as has Pakistan given legitimacy to the Hurriyat Conference who are the separatist group in Kashmir. Also Pakistan wants to bleed India through thousand cuts but with this small flick of finger we can make them barking mad.

There will be outrage from Pakistan and there will also be consequences for India but this is a reality we must face together boldly as a nation and let no one shake our resolve. The time has come to hit Pakistan and maybe we will also suffer blows but if we look at our history we not only survived but we overcame insurmountable odds. Most countries are in pursuit for greatness but we are already great and all we have to do is look into our past because we were once the light that shone brightly for all of humanity for thousands of years. Our greatness is our self believe and all we need to do is believe in our inner good and welcome this man as one of our own  because that is the right thing to do.

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Today is a very proud moment for the people of India, because the Government has finally avenged the deaths of the Indian army personnel in the attack on Uri. The leaders of the country and the Modi Government had condemned the attack fiercely, but no visible actions were seen taken to compliment the condemnation. But with the surgical strike carried out on Wednesday night, the government has yet again proved that they won’t falter due to any kind of attack that could cause a danger to the safety of our nation. They laid it out wide and clear, India should not be taken for granted.

Attack on Uri had left a deep impact on India, and it was obviously not going to leave the perpetrators of the attack get away freely. On Wednesday night, the Indian Army conducted surgical strikes on the terrorist launch pads at the Line of Control(LoC). The Indian Army had received an intelligence that some terrorist teams had positioned themselves around the launchpads at the Line of Control with the mission to infiltrate into India and carry out terror attacks in important places and metro cities of India.

A surgical strike is a military attack that is intended to result in only damage to the intended legitimate military target and no or minimal collateral damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, buildings, or the general public infrastructure and utilities, as per the definition.

Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said on Thursday at the joint briefing of the Ministries of Defense and External Affairs , “Significant casualties have been caused to terrorists and those trying to shield them.” He also added that they have stopped any further strike as they have already spoken to Pakistan regarding the matter. No casualties were caused to the Indian Army during the strikes carried out on Wednesday night. But they have recovered various items including GPS which have Pakistani markings from the area of the attack, and the terrorists those who were captured hailed from PoK or Pakistan and have confirmed to their training on Pakistan’s land. Furthermore, DGMO Singh told the press that he has spoken on the matter with the Pak DGMO sharing with him concerns of the situation and about the surgical strikes conducted last night. PM Narendra Modi had informed President Pranab Mukherjee and former PM Manmohan Singh about the surgical strikes. Jammu and Kashmir Governor, and CM Mehbooba Mufti were also informed on the surgical strike. Other leaders who were also informed of the surgical strike were Chief Ministers of Punjab, West Bengal, and Odisha, CPI-M’s Sitaram Yechury and Congress’ Ghulam Nabi Azad by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

In the meantime, Pakistan issued a statement that said: “At least two Army men were killed as Indian and Pakistani troops exchanged fired over the Line of Control in “Azad Jammu and Kashmir”…Pakistani troops befittingly responded to Indian unprovoked firing on the LoC in Bhimber, Hotspring Kel and Lipa sectors.” Pakistan has been many times accused for sheltering terrorist camps in its region and they deny it. After this attack they could either use their special forces to answer back the Indian Army but it doesn’t quite look like that. They will be given a more hot reaction for whatever action they take. But as is the condition of Pakistan at the moment, they wouldn’t dare to attack on India.

A Pakistani army statement contradicted the Indian army statement which said that there was no surgical strike led by the Indian army, and that there was just a mere cross border fire initiated and conducted by the Indian army. They further added that the notion of surgical strike linked to alleged terrorists is a baseless illusion deliberately generated by the Indians to create false effects. Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s response was even more sharper than that of his army. He said, “We condemn this attack, our desire for peace should not be interpreted as our weakness.”

A retired Major General, Gagandeep Bakshi said the Indian action served rightly as a warning for Pakistan. He said, “It is a focused, precise and just response to the attack which led to the death of 18 of our soldiers. This is a message to the world that India cannot be taken for granted. Pakistan has been destabilizing peace in the region and this was long over-due.” A similar surgical strike was carried out in June last year across the Myanmar border which prevented the infiltration. A major gun battle took place between Army troops and suspected NSCN (K) militants along the India-Myanmar border.

The army action taken is likely to boost Modi’s image domestically given that he was under extreme pressure to take any action following the September 18 attack, as because, on the wake of the Uri attack he had promised to the nation that the guilty won’t go unpunished. Wisely enough, on the diplomatic front, he took care that the key countries like the US were to be informed of India’s military operation. Indian national security advisor, Ajit Doval spoke to his US counterpart Susan Rice on Thursday morning. Rice too condemned the September 18 attack and offered condolences to the victims and their families. Besides Rice agrees to India’s reiterations that Pakistan should take effective action to combat and delegitimize United Nations-designated terrorist groups and individuals, including Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, and their other affiliates.

The army action has been appreciated and praised much at home. BJP National secretary, Siddarth Nath Singh said, “We salute the Indian armed forces and the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for protecting our borders and the life of the people. It is a great effort by the Indian forces.” Even the opposition party Congress gave a thumbs up to the army action.

India has time and again proved its worth. Howsoever, may the conflicts exist among the communities of India, when it comes to the question of national security everyone is united and stands like an unbreakable wall, which is why India is among the strongest democracies in the world and we are proud of it.