The two brave girls who were thrown out of a moving vehicle after they decided to fight them men who were molesting them are to receive cash award of Rs 31000 given to them by the newly formed Haryana Government on our Republic day according to reports from Times of India. Also the girls have spoken against the Khap the local extrajudicial law body which consists of village elders. Arti Kumar, 22 and her sister Pooja, 19 are receiving praise from all quarters and have been hailed as a true heroes. Twitter and other social media platform have been a buzz and the video has been viewed several times over. Also a lot of credit must be given to the pregnant women who dared to stop these men during a very vulnerable period of women’s life and having the good sense to record this whole incident which allowed law enforcement to bring these parasites to justice.

The video of the two girls who did not give up and kept attacking the three men was uploaded in the social media immediately went viral and it was good to see the three molesters were arrested promptly. Also the three men wanted to join the army and had sent their application and in separate news the army said there is no place for such people in the Indian army and canceled their enlistment saying there is no space for molesters in the Indian Army.

Again the ugly head of intimidating reared its head and the family members of the attackers has asked them to take back their complaint because all the three men were about to join the army. The driver and the conductor of the Haryana state bus have been suspended which is a normal protocol to show action has been taken but again the sad part was no man who was present in the bus even remotely tried to come to the aid of these girls and stood by this grave injustice.