After a long and unnecessary border violation committed by Pakistan, they are now again raising the issue of Kashmir in the United Nations and want intervention according to Times of India. A letter has sent by the Pakistan foreign minister Sartaj Aziz urging him for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir Problem.

Mr. Aziz also blamed India for the current ceasefire violation at the border and made it very clear, it was India which has been responsible for all the tension. In his letter to the UN Secretary General Mr. Aziz said “As you are aware, J&K is one of the long outstanding issues on the agenda of the United Nations security council, whose resolutions promising the holding of a plebiscite, under the auspices of the United Nations, for self-determination of the people of Jammu & Kashmir, remain valid though unimplemented to date. For decades, Pakistan has been reminding the United Nations and the international community to fulfill that promise, in the interest of durable peace and security in the region."

He further wrote “Unfortunately, India has adopted a policy that runs counter to its stated desire to engage in a serious bilateral dialogue with Pakistan. India cancelled, unilaterally and without any plausible justification, the foreign secretary-level talks that were scheduled to be held on August 25, 2014."

In his letter he further blamed India for the death of many Pakistan citizens and said "During the period October 1-10, 2014, 20 ceasefire violations along the line of control and 22 violations along the working boundary were reported, resulting in 12 civilian casualties, 52 injured civilians and 9 injured military personnel on the Pakistani side. From June to August 2014, there were 99 ceasefire violations along the line of control and 32 along the working boundary. In all, during 2014, 174 ceasefire violations along the line of control and 60 along the working boundary have been reported."

This letter is very strongly worded but there is still an outstanding question which a lot of people have yet to receive an answer from Pakistan. And that question is how Osama Bin Laden could have lived in such a secure and affluent neighborhood without raising any suspicion. This was a question which even India has asked which is why perhaps the Pakistani government again is trying to make an issue out of Kashmir.