Chinese Media can’t wait for Barack Obama to leave Office

According to latest news from Times of India, China is not very happy with American President Barack Obama putting more focus on South East Asia. According to Chinese state media the people’s republic of China is not very happy with the rigid American foreign policy focus on the Asia Pacific. China wants absolute control over South China Sea which is a major issue for other nations in that region who also think they have claim over the seas but is bullied by china. Since America is the only global super power that can put pressure on China all smaller nations in the G20 were looking up to her.

A leading China Daily editorial said, "With his days in office numbered, Obama cannot do much to press ahead with the pivot he has sought to engineer, which has not progressed as smoothly as he no doubt hoped. Not because the idea is flawed, but because its execution has been. But the fact is it has conveniently forgotten to mention how its neighbors feel about the constant threat they feel. The editorial further mentions that “the problem is, rather than wanting to be a member of an Asian community of shared destiny, the US has returned to the Asia-Pacific flexing its muscles, and thus expecting to get its own way. The idea of justifying the US' militaristic pivot with the tensions it has created is counterproductive. Unless it comes to help consolidate the region's peaceful environment, the US will only end up hurting its own fundamental interests, as Asian countries are preoccupied with working together for common development."

Also China is not happy that the U.S has directed more than 60% if its navel power to Asia and the Trans-Pacific. American navy is very powerful because it has the best nuclear power submarines and nuclear powered air craft carriers and pose a direct challenge to China. Also India is pushing for better relations with its South East neighbors like Vietnam by bolstering military ties and also stronger economic ties. But it is clear China cannot wait to see President Obama leave office.