Conspiracy In Sagarpur

On morning of 5th September around 9AM, the Municipal Corporation without any notice came with bulldozers to demolish shanties which were constructed over an open swage line in Sagarpur, which is situated in West Delhi. Since no notice was served the locals got angry and started agitating with the support of Local Congress leader Tasveer Solanki.

As the situation got worse the people started shouting slogans against the Local BJP Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Pradyuman Rajput. In the meanwhile the congress leader who was leading the people took the engineer responsible for the demolition aside and the moments later the entire operation came to a halt.

A responsible citizen even took a video of this incident which gave indication that the whole incident was engineered.

People were already angry and to top it, witnesses on the ground said, several people who seemed like outsiders were joining the protest which soon turned violent and people resorted to vandalism. The mob then went towards the BJP office of MLA Pradyuman Rajput which is near a local school. Fearing the violence could spread and it could put the lives of hapless school children in danger, some people with common sense immediately spoke to the principal and closed the school.

After speaking to several local eyewitnesses, it seems that the entire controversy was concocted to create tension in this area where the BJP won the seat during last year’s assembly election. As the current government in the center headed by BJP is planning to form a government in Delhi, this whole exercise to incite people could be related to create problems for BJP. However no life was lost, otherwise things could have taken a turn for worse.