Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is habitual of not wasting words, comes right to the point when it comes to cross border terrorism being sponsored by Pakistan and made it very clear that India has the necessary “tool kit” to counter the terror threat and the options are not restricted. That clearly means, if push comes to shove, India is prepared to strike inside Pakistan. This is perhaps the first time a Prime Minster has made such profound statement because the proxy war waged by Pakistan must come to an end for any meaningful dialogue.

The statement from Pakistan was the usual liners which all they have to do is look through their archives. The Pakistan foreign ministry spokesperson Tasnim Aslam in their official statement said, “It is Unfortunate what Mr Modi has said and Pakistan always has condemned terrorism and this is baseless and unnecessary rhetoric and also the press reports of Indian accusations, at the highest political level, are most unfortunate, especially as the leadership of Pakistan wishes to establish good neighborly relations with India,”.

But the external affairs ministry has made it very clear that unless concrete actions are not taken issues like, attack on parliament and 26/11 Mumbai attacks just cannot be “wished away”.

In less than two weeks time the foreign secretaries of both nations are going to meet and discuss various issues and ending cross border terror would be top of the agenda.

The statement from Mr Modi could have affects when the two foreign secretaries will meet but it is important to make the Indian point of view on cross border terror very clear and that no compromise will be made to that effect.