Voting is underway in the state of Maharashtra and Haryana and Congress party is going to fare very poorly in both states according to many experts. With Prime Minister Modi putting all his efforts, time and skill as a campaigner to help BJP get majority in both states, it has now become very crucial for the BJP to succeed. The BJP had fared very poorly in the recently held by elections because the responsibility was given to the bench strength and they failed to live up to the expectation.

This time around Mr. Modi had campaigned very hard because winning in Maharashtra is very crucial and if they manage to secure a majority then the BJP will be in a an unattainable position politically from all the other political party. For congress this is a do or die situation. They got mauled in the general election, but the blunder committed by the BJP in Utter Pradesh during the by-election made it very clear that the BJP has to heavily rely and depend upon Narandra Modi. But all may not be that easy since one cannot simply hope to win election just on” Modi Mania”

Already the political pundits are crunching numbers and checking the results of past elections to create various scenarios of how the next government will be formed in both states, with special impetus given to Maharashtra. The fallout between BJP and Shiv Sena was seen as an opportunity by other parties to do well. Also the Congress and NCP alliance ended since the NCP blamed the congress party for their ignominious performance in the General Election in Maharashtra.

So the NCP as usual will see which way the wind blows and then sets its mast accordingly. But one thing is clear the Shiv Sena, MNS, congress and NCP do not have the ability to get full majority and only BJP is the likely candidate.

In Haryana the embattled incumbent Bhupinder Singh Hooda faces a very uphill task against the BJP and Om Prakash Chautala the leader of Indian National Lok Dal would also not do well according to many experts. The last 10 years of congress ruled administration has been accused of rampant corruption and with the controversy over Robert Vadra is just not dying.