What happened in Haryana yesterday was a sad case of a state government’s inability to execute a court order because the man in question, a so called Saint Rampal has over the years as cultivated such strong political connection and influence, it would prove highly counterproductive for the state to go after him from a political point of view. But in their inaction people got hurt, journalists got attacked by a rabid police for doing their jobs and the Godless Rampal still remains strong in his armed compound. Yesterday’s incident brought back some dark memories for me because back in 1984 the Indian military by force took over the holiest religious spot for the Sikhs the Golden Temple. Now to equate both incidents will be a huge injustice, but what led to the flood of memories was the lives that were lost that day and the thought of the same might happen again. But the onus is on the current state government led by the BJP under the astute leadership of Manohar Lal Khattar but that does not mean the Congress Party could wipe its hand clean off this mess.

Men like Rampal are dime a dozen in India and with just few thousand followers one can wield significant clout and make a mockery of the law. Now to compare cult leader like Rampal to other Hindu religious figure  or as a matter of fact any Evangelical person belonging to any religion would be grossly unfair because they do not put the lives of innocent people at risk and do not have the impunity to fire guns at security forces. Many have spent their entire lives helping mankind. But what transpired in Hissar Haryana was one man’s ability to hold the state hostage and show to the world that if anyone in India has small slice of power he could render the politicians who by their own compulsion make the police and other law enforcement agencies Impotent. And as of now Sant Rampal an absconder from justice is still hiding in his lair.

 People not in only in India but across the world have fallen victims to men like Rampal who are gifted sociopaths and since a lot of vested interest also comes along when you know someone like them, it is only natural to come to their defense. These cult leaders can get a politician a ticket to fight election or help people get cushy government postings. The possibilities are limitless!

 Who can forget how much trouble and interference the police had to face when they had to arrest Asaram Bapu and his son who were on the run after charges of rape and murder was filed against them. Enough state security resources were used which could have tracked down even Bin Laden but our police who sadly under the whims of our politicians who often collude with people like Asaram allowed him and his son Narayan Sai to remain free from the clutches of the law for a long time. Why, because they are living breathing vote bank and appallingly politicians in their quest to solidify power, influence and their position allow people like these to flourish while they spread their lecherous tentacles over society.

This problem is not exclusive to India, over the years many such figures have left an indelible mark on society and the wake of victims that they left behind. America is one such country which has witnessed many such men who call themselves Prophets like Mass Murderer Jim Jones, David Koresh of Waco Texas incident and Warren Jeffs a convicted pedophile and leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) which practices polygamy. And in India who can forget Swami Premananda who was given life imprisonment for raping scores of women? Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale was running the oldest trade in the world, Prostitution. One could go on and one about these sociopaths who take advantage of weak innocent minds for their guilty pleasure.