Danger looms over London as the dreaded terror outfit has threatened that they would be attacking London and the attacks would be deadlier than Paris. This is enough to spread chaotic signals to the state departments and security ministry. They have released a new video which shows Eiffel Tower and UK Parliament crashing to the ground. They have threatened Rome and Berlin with the same intensity of the attacks.

These madmen are after UK and France for some time for obvious reasons. They released similar video a few days back showing White House crashing to dust. As the combined troops of UN have stated numerous times that they have weakened the strength of ISIS, hence they want to show the world that their strength is as intact as it was earlier. The group’s of Alwaad media has released the video and says ‘Rome, London have very few options left, either they freeze the war or join Islam’.

Daily Express mentions from the video that the fighters of ISIS have done the attacks in order to wipe out ‘(Non-muslims). ISIS though has lost its key positions from various places, it releases such videos to proclaim its strength. But the threat cannot be taken lightly as the world has seen what they are capable of.