Defense Minister Talks About Pakistan

Speaking at a conference organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries Defense Minister Arun Jaitley spoke about India Pakistan relation and that Pakistan should consider to either talking to India or fractions who want to break India. He said Pakistan needs to make a “conscious" choice. The Indian government, he said, was "ready to speak to Pakistan" and is "willing to normalize the relationship" but "then there are a few red lines" according to Press Trust of India.

He said it was wrong on the part of Pakistan to speak to separatist on the eleventh hour before the two foreign secretaries had to have their meeting. He said “So unless Pakistan makes the conscious choice, a dialogue with Pakistan will not be possible.” When asked about the ceasefire violation committed by Pakistan over and over he echoed the same words he had used a while back in which he spoken about misadventures and the whole exercise “would be an unaffordable cost for Pakistan."

In his speech Mr Jaitely laid out three points and said "The first is that we want to talk. So we invited them. The second is we send a foreign secretary there. But they must decide whether they are ready to speak to our foreign secretary or to speak to those who want to break India. The third is that this kind of a situation in international border cannot go on. "That's not an environment for a dialogue... India would like to normalize the relationship. But whether Pakistan wants to normalize the relationship depends on Pakistan."

The willingness on the part of India to talk to Pakistan even after it had violated Indian border posts in Kashmir, passing anti India resolutions in their Parliament and lastly going out of its way to raise the issue of Jammu and Kashmir at the United Nations and other forums is certainly commendable. It sends a clear message to the world that we not only know how to defend ourselves when attacked needlessly but more importantly we value dialogue and peace with our neighbor.