Delhi which is India's capital is a monstrous metropolitan region in the nation's north. The political issues of contamination in India's capital New Delhi are as toxic as the city’s air. 

Many say that the nature of politics has declined definitely in Delhi. Political parties in Delhi have fallen so ludicrously low that when a politician is carrying an iPad it is depicted by the media as a modern politician.

Most are additionally observed as insatiable, degenerate and uninvolved in genuine change. The expanding number of politicians with criminal records and the audacious utilization of cash to purchase party tickets and influence voters disintegrates Delhi’s riots sickly popularity based procedure.


The main issues for dirty politics in Delhi, India is its citizens. 

• Delhi citizens - Perception of citizens towards political topics is with the end goal that if a new Leader needs to come in and serve them, they themselves act so that he gets degenerate. 
• Voting right - Individuals don't cast their vote, they vote for their caste. Till the time Delhi citizens don't quit deciding on premise, Delhi Leaders won't take their political decision guarantees seriously. They won't convey anything since they realize that individuals won't ask them.
• Mixing religion and Politics - India is place that is known for each known religion, we live in harmony until our pioneers, who don't convey guarantees begin accusing minorities to redirect consideration. Both, the politicians and the citizens should not mix religion with Indian politics.
• Bribe and Hate – Cash or alcohol can impact an individual's vote. Citizens don't decide in favour of politicians. They decide on which politician they like.  
• Respecting the politicians - We never value a politician who is working superbly, but simply continue discovering escape clauses to giggle at him/her.

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In this, the media plays a crucial role. The media must, on one hand, teach people in general about the genuine issues confronting Delhi and, then again, it must squeeze the politicians to accomplish for the said things. Delhi’s media will turn into a genuine media when politicians are consigned to a large portion of the newspaper. The Indian media today has gotten as terrible as Indian political issues.

In a bottleneck, the citizens of Delhi must remember and follow the majority rule of the system which is 'of the people, by the people and for the people', and hence need to acknowledge duty.