With how much dedication were we praying for the rains this year!! After the sweltering heat, the rains were the only hope left in everyone’s mind. From a small farmer to the office layman to the government, everyone was dying to listen to enthusiastic sound of joyful rains, especially in Delhi NCR where the ever-rising temperatures caused uneasiness and unbearable weather.


Finally, the prediction that this year rains will be above average level gave us a lot of hopes. After all, good rain is equivalent to better weather conditions. And the season of rain is out. People are relaxed a bit. But what is happening after the rains is even more exasperating. Yesterday, the high-level of rains caused inconvenience for the people on the road as the roads were blocked with water, creating havoc. People were unable to even reach back to their homes for the whole night. This was disturbing and a bad site. We have been talking about digital India and smart cities now, but where exactly do we lie in terms of development when our infrastructure cannot bear normal variations in weather. Earthquake in Japan doesn’t cause such a disaster which was caused by the simple rains in our country, and that too in the capital city which should be the glory of the country.

Rightly has the name of Gurgaon turned into the new one, Gurugram, which actually proves that the city is the age old village which doesn’t even exhibit the basic facilities of a city life. Road, which is such a basic infrastructure facility is not apt in the city.

Last year, after the same problems, the government promised to maintain roads and make it in a standard working condition, which is a must for organised and managed life. But, the government failed to keep its promise. Whole night, the people were caught in a terrible condition. Lunatic are the people who called it traffic, because it was nothing more than a terrible state.

Definitely, the government needs to do something about it. Every year, a lot of budget is allocated towards the maintenance of roads and buildings. But, where does the money go? Corruption, a major cause, has drowned the complete pillar of work and trust. But, there has to be a solution to solve the problem. After all, it is the reputation of the country and convenience of the citizen. When the capital city faces such a grass root problem, then what can be said about the whole country. The reputation of the country is at stake. Something has to be urgently done about it.