Fearless Garrote

A man wakes up in the morning, greets his family and enjoys a cup of coffee. He reads the news paper and then prepares to leave for office. But this is just a plausible imagination, what transpired later that evening is beyond anyone’s imagination. Mohsin Mohammed Sadique Shaikh an Indian Muslim was who worked for Textile Company as an IT manager in the beautiful city of Pune and he was beaten to death by a group of fanatics who it seems, do not have an iota of brain or compassion in their being. The reason for his murder, someone posted derogatory post on facebook which hurt their sentiments. In a country like India one has to be sensitive to the feelings of different community.

Just because the constitution guarantees us freedom of expression, doesn’t mean one can right anything that they please. Would it be ideal to write anything one wants? Yes, in western countries it is allowed but we understand that this is India and we practice a different kind of tolerance. But we as a nation should never tolerate such miscreants who spread hate and incite impressionable young people to kill without thinking and in the process create communal tension.

But even if sentiments are hurt, does that give us the right to kill an innocent human being who happens to have different appearance then the majority or was he an easy and confirmed target since he was seen leaving a Mosque. What rational one can give to this incident? What defense do the perpetrators of this obscene crime have? Is murdering a man who happens to head home after saying his evening prayer at the local Mosque solves any purpose. Has the need for revenge for posting derogatory and insulting remarks on a social media by an anonymous and a cowardly person solved the bloodlust and the need of the many to seek ravage outweigh the life of a one person? So what was the outcome, no one knows. The people who fabricated this hate crime are still at large. It is very easy to arrest the ones who committed the crime because pulling the trigger of a gun is easy and one can find many who could pull it. But we must get hold of the people who put the gun in their hand because they are the true architect of this crime.

Often when hate crimes are committed in India, the people who pulled the trigger are arrested, tried and even convicted but the sponsors are left alone. By convicting the killers our government, our Police and our Judiciary are not solving the problem. The real goal and duty should be to go after the Masterminds, these parasites of our society who get into the bloodstream of our young and psychologically vulnerable because it is not very difficult to poison the mind of a young person, with so much happening all around us on a daily bases. Also it is important that no politics is played in this matter and the investigation is conducted fairly. The Police and the judiciary must not be compromised, as it happens so many times in our country, especially during election time when parties try to get votes by saying anything.

Finally the young men who took part in this crime deserve to be punished because such actions have dark consequences, but more importantly they need to be rehabilitated and given counseling. We must try to understand that it is very easy to punish them but more importantly we must find in our hearts to help them change. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies and this idea and thinking must be taught and inculcated in the minds of our young citizens.