We already have forward air base in Tezpur and Chabua which houses the very effective Sukhoi 30MKI fighter jets. But now the sky will be safer on the Indian side with the cabinet showing some spine and deploying the indigenous Surface to Air Missile Akash on the Eastern front. According to Times Of India, the Air Force will be receiving six missile squadrons to counter air attack by China in the form of fighter jets or helicopters.

Also the cabinet committee on security will try to expedite the formation of the XVII strike corps which will have ninety thousand soldiers for rapid deployment along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to deter any Chinese attack. Also the cabinet took decision on speeding up projects with regards to improve road and infrastructures in the eastern sector to give the army more maneuverability for troop moments. China is aggressively building roads and railway lines in the Tibet Autonomous Region and many fighter jets squadrons in that region conducting exercises on regular bases.

How the Chinese will react to this new development in the region and the assertive decisions taken by this new government under Prime Minister Modi will be very interesting indeed in the coming days. Next month the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping will visit India and how and what issues will be discussed by Mr. Jinping and Mr. Modi will be interestingly watched on both sides.