As usual before any talks which could take place to normalize and improve relation between India and Pakistan has suffered a very serious blow when the Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit met with Kashmiri separatist which created a political storm and according to NDTV the scheduled meeting between Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh and Aizaz Ahamad now stands cancelled which was to be held on 25th August.

All the effort which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made by taking a risk by coming to the inauguration of Prime Minister Elect Narendra Modi now stands wasted. In the last week or so there has been repeated violation at the Line of Control in Kashmir and terror attack over the security forces have also intensified in which security personal have also died and injured. But the meeting of separatist with the highest ranking diplomat in New Delhi was perhaps the last straw.

Syed Akbaruddin India’s foreign ministry spokesperson said "in clear and unambiguous terms that Pakistan's continued efforts to interfere in India's internal affairs is unacceptable." Many people on both sides were confident about the outcome of this long delayed meeting

This could now be played by Pakistan as a failure on the part of India to further talks to ease tension between the two countries and India’s failure to reciprocate. But all that has transpired in the last few days could be the work of the Army and Inter Service Intelligence who have a long history of interfering in the political sphere.